General Introduction

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General Introduction

Background to the Study :

Research in the area of learning English as a second language concentrated on the importance of ESP Grammar teaching and learning. Learning a language necessarily means learning the grammar of that language. Hatchinson and Waters (1987) see that Learning grammar must begin with a working knowledge of its components, meaning learning about the parts of speech and how they fit together into sentences. In the process, students are enabled to distinguish a preposition from an adverb or a phrase from a clause. This way, the students will be guided in expressing their thoughts and ideas in writing or in oral form not only correctly but with variety, elegance and efficiency. However, Teaching Grammar in ESP classes carries some challenges in the way how it is delivered to the learners. Scholars and teachers have worked and researched on this issue and of course there were some fruitful and important attempts and ways how to teach grammar in the ESP classes. Teachers and students sometimes find it unnecessary to pay too much attention to grammar.
Grammar is a difficult part of the language learning process and this is probably accepted by teachers and students too. According to DeKeyser (2005) there are some factors which play a role in its difficulty. Those are the complexity of: meaning, form and the relationship between form and meaning. Grammar is the part which in fact gives ESP learners the way how to understand the meaning of the sentences, or how to properly use the vocabulary they learn in their ESP classes. It has always been a topic of discussion the issue whether grammar is needed or not in ESP classes. Moreover, the discussions have continued on how or how much grammar should be taught to ESP learners. Chen (1988), states that grammar is mainly concerned with the structure of a language and it also contributes to producing sentences. He believes that the ability to perform language skills as reading, speaking, listening and writing joined with grammar knowledge is very much needed in teaching ESP.

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