General Instructions—Oath of Bank Director

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General Instructions—Oath of Bank Director
National banking law at 12 USC 73 requires each elected or appointed director to take an oath that he or she will “diligently and honestly administer the affairs of such association, and will not knowingly violate or willingly permit to be violated any of the provisions” of the National Bank Act and that the director is the owner in his or her own right of the capital stock required by 12 USC 72.
The oath must be taken before a Notary Public, properly authorized and commissioned by the state in which the Notary resides, or before any other officer having an official seal and authorized by the state to administer oaths, except that the oath shall not be taken before any such Notary Public or other officer who is an officer of the director’s bank. The Notary Public’s resident state should be the same as the state in which the oath is administered.
Foreign or United States citizens who are abroad may satisfy the notarization requirement by using a foreign notary or the services of a local United States embassy or consulate. The latter option may be quicker and more effective.

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