General Information and Instructions Preparation and Use

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Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

OMB no. 1557-0014

Expiration date: See

Interim Bank Charter Application

General Information and Instructions
Preparation and Use
This application is used to effect a transaction under 12 CFR 5.33(e)(4) to establish an interim national bank or an interim federal savings association (interim bank).
All questions must be answered with complete and accurate information that is subject to verification. If the answer is “none,” “not applicable,” or “unknown,” so state. Answers of “unknown” should be explained.
The questions in the application are not intended to limit the applicant’s presentation nor are the questions intended to duplicate information supplied on another form or in an exhibit. For such information, a cross-reference to the information is acceptable. Any cross-reference must be made to a specific cite or location in the documents, so the information can be found easily. Supporting information for all relevant factors, setting forth the basis for the applicant’s conclusions, should accompany the application. The regulatory agency may request additional information.
This application form collects information that the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) will need to evaluate an interim bank charter application. The OCC grants conditional preliminary approval to form an interim bank charter when the OCC acknowledges receipt of the related business combination. The OCC grants final approval of an interim bank charter when the related business combination is approved. For information regarding applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, as well as processing procedures and guidelines and any supplemental information that may be required, refer to the OCC’s procedural guidelines in the Comptroller’s Licensing Manual. The applicant may contact the OCC directly for specific instruction or visit the OCC’s Web site at

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