General histories of Ireland

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Court history

Content includes:
Aikin, L., 1822. Memoirs of the court of King James the First . 2d ed. London: Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown. Held at Special Collections 13.Q.13.
Birch, T., 1849. The court and times of James the First : containing a series of historical and confidential letters, in which will be found a detail of the public transactions and events in Great Britain during that period … London: H. Colburn. Held at Special Collections 15.X.26-27.
Bruce, J., ed. 1856. Charles I. in 1646 : Letters of King Charles the First to Queen Henrietta Maria London: Camden Society. Held at Special Collections 50.F.25.
Butler, C., 1807. A connected series of notes on the chief revolutions of the principal states which composed the empire of Charlemagne … London: J. White. Held at Special Collections 11.X.3.
Castiglione, B., 1541. Il cortegiano. In Vinetia : Per Gabriel Iolito de Ferrarii. Held at Special Collections 28.Z.1.
Goodman, G., 1839. The court of King James the First … London: R. Bentley. Held at Special Collections 11.R.23-24.
Hamilton, A., 1719. Memoirs of the English court, during the reigns of K. Charles II. and K. James II … London: Printed for J. Graves [and others]. Held at Special Collections 21.Y.11.
Hamilton, A., 1815-16. Mémoires du Comte de Grammont. Paris: Chez A. A. Renouard. Held at Special Collections 10.L.12-13.
Montpensier, A.- M.- L. d'O., 1746. Memoires de mademoiselle de Montpensier. A Londres [i.e. Paris: s.n.] Held at Special Collections 44.L.21-22.
Retz, J. F. P. de G., de 1777. Mémoires du Cardinal de Retz. Nouvelle edition. Geneve: Chez Fabry & Barillot. Held at Special Collections 13.S.12-15.

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