General histories of Ireland

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General histories of Ireland

Atkinson, R. Ed. 1896. The Yellow book of Lecan : a collection of pieces prose and verse. in the Irish language.. .Dublin: Royal Irish Academy House. Held at Special Collections W1.Q.2.

Cox, R., 1689-90. Hibernia Anglicana : or, The history of Ireland, from the conquest thereof by the English to this present time. London: J. Watts. Held at Special Collections 8.O.3
Grose, F., 1791-5.The antiquities of Ireland. London: S. Hooper. Held at Special Collections 21.W.3.
Gwynn, J. ed. 1913. Liber Ardmachanus : the book of Armagh. .Dublin: Hodges & Figgis..Held at Special Collections 31.G.19.
Keating, G., 1723. The general history of Ireland. Dublin: Printed by J. Carson. Held at Special Collections 26.L.8.
Mac Firbisigh, D., 2003.,The great book of Irish genealogies. Blackrock, Co. Dublin: De Burca. Held at Special Collections 19.D.12-16
Moryson, F .,1735. An history of Ireland, from the year 1599, to 1603. With a short narration of the state of the kingdom from the year 1169. To which is added, a description of Ireland. Dublin: Printed by S. Powell, for George Ewing. Held at Special Collections 24.X.9.
Mulchrone, K. ed. 1937. The book of Lecan : Leabhar mór mhic fhir bhisigh Leacain.Dublin: Stationery office of Saorstát Éireann. Held at Special Collections 31.B.13-15.
Ware. J.,1705. The antiquities and history of Ireland... Dublin: printed by A. Crook for E. Dobson and M. Gunne. Held at Special Collections 26.K.15

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