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Restoring Balance: The Army’s Four Imperatives

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Restoring Balance: The Army’s Four Imperatives


We must sustain the quality of our All-Volunteer Force. Through meaningful programs, the Army is committed to providing the quality of life deserved by those who serve our Nation. To sustain the force, we are focused on recruitment and retention; care of Soldiers, Families, and Civilians; care for our wounded Warriors; and support for the Families of our fallen Soldiers.

Recruit and Retain

Goal – Recruit quality men and women through dynamic incentives. Retain quality Soldiers and Civilians in the force by providing improved quality of life and incentives.

Progress – In 2008, nearly 300,000 men and women enlisted or reenlisted in our All-Volunteer Army. In addition, the Army created the Army Preparatory School to offer incoming recruits the opportunity to earn a GED in order to begin initial entry training. All Army components are exceeding the 90% Tier 1 Education Credential (high school diploma or above) standard for new recruits. In addition, our captain retention incentive program contributed to a nearly 90 percent retention rate for keeping experienced young officers in the Army.

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