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America’s Army—The Strength of the Nation

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America’s Army—The Strength of the Nation

The Army’s All-Volunteer Force is a national treasure. Less than one percent of Americans wear the uniform of our Nation’s military; they and their Families carry the lion’s share of the burden of a Nation at war. Despite these burdens, our Soldiers continue to perform magnificently across the globe and at home, and their Families remain steadfast in their support. Our Civilians remain equally dedicated to the Army’s current and long-term success. They all deserve the best the Nation has to offer.

America’s Army has always served the Nation by defending its national interests and providing support to civil authorities for domestic emergencies. Seven years of combat have taken a great toll on the Army, our Soldiers,
and their Families. To meet the continuing challenges of an era of persistent conflict, our Army must restore balance and set the conditions for the future while sustaining our All-Volunteer Force. We must ensure our Soldiers have the best training, equipment, and leadership we can provide them. Our Army has made significant progress over the last year, but has several tough years ahead. With the support of Congress, the Army will continue to protect America’s national security interests while we transform ourselves to meet the challenges of today and the future. America’s Army—The Strength of the Nation.

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