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The Army has been fully engaged over the past year. We remain focused on prevailing in Iraq and Afghanistan, while concurrently working to restore balance and transforming to set the conditions for success in the future. Despite the high global operational tempo and our continuing efforts to restore balance and prepare for future contingencies, we have accomplished much in the last year:

  • Manned, trained, equipped, and deployed 15 combat brigades, 34 support brigades, and 369 military and police transition teams in support of Iraq and Afghanistan

  • Deployed more than 293,000 Soldiers into or out of combat in Iraq and Afghanistan

  • Repaired more than 100,000 pieces of Army equipment through the efforts at the Army’s depot facilities

  • Invested in the psychological health of the Army by investing more than $500 Million in additional psychological health providers, new facilities, and world-class research

  • Reduced the on-duty Soldier accident rate by 46 percent in 2008 through Soldier and leader emphasis on Army safety measures

  • Reduced the Army’s ground accidents by 50 percent and the Army’s major aviation accidents by 38 percent in 2008 through leader application of the Army’s Composite Risk Management model

  • Implemented Family Covenants throughout the Army and committed more than $1.5 Billion to Army Family programs and services

  • Improved on-post housing by privatizing more than 80,000 homes, building 17,000 homes, and renovating 13,000 homes since 2000 at 39 different installations through the Residential Communities Initiative

  • Reduced energy consumption in Army facilities by 10.4 percent since 2003 through the implementation of the Army’s energy strategy

  • Won six Shingo Public Sector Awards for implementing best business practices

  • Destroyed more than 2,100 tons of chemical agents, disposed of 70,000 tons of obsolete or unserviceable conventional ammunition, and removed 163,000 missiles or missile components from the Army’s arsenal

  • Fostered partnerships with allies by training more than 10,000 foreign students in stateside Army schools and by executing more than $14.5 Billion in new foreign military sales to include $6.2 Billion in support of Iraq and Afghanistan

  • Saved $41 Million by in-sourcing more than 900 core governmental functions to Army Civilians

  • Improved Soldier quality of life by constructing or modernizing 29,000 barracks spaces

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