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Operationalize the Reserve Components

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Operationalize the Reserve Components

Goal – Complete the transformation of the Reserve Components to an operational force by changing the way we train, equip, resource, and mobilize Reserve Component units by 2012.

Progress – The Army continued efforts to systematically build and sustain readiness and to increase predictability of deployments for Soldiers, their Families, employers, and communities by integrating the ARFORGEN process.

Restationing Forces

Goal – Restation forces and families around the globe based on the Department of Defense’s (DoD) Global Defense Posture and Realignment initiatives, Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) statutes, and the expansion of the Army directed by the President in January 2007.

Progress – To date, in support of BRAC, our Army has obligated 95 percent of the $8.5 Billion received. Of more than 300 major construction projects in the BRAC program, 9 have been completed and another 139 awarded. The Army has also completed 77 National Environmental Policy Act actions, closed 1 active installation and 15 U.S. Army Reserve Centers, terminated 9 leases, and turned over 1,133 excess acres from BRAC 2005 properties. The Army is on track to complete BRAC by 2011.

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