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Retrain Soldiers, Leaders, and Units

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Retrain Soldiers, Leaders, and Units

Goal – Provide our Soldiers with the critical specialty training and professional military education necessary to accomplish the full spectrum of missions required in today’s strategic environment.

Progress – The Army is executing a Training and Leader Development Strategy to prepare Soldiers and units for full spectrum operations. The Army is 60 percent complete in efforts to rebalance job skills required to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.

Reset Pilot Program

Goal – Provide lessons learned that identify institutional improvements that standardize the reset process for both the Active and Reserve Component and determine timing, scope, and resource implications.

Progress – In 2008, the Army initiated a six-month pilot reset program for 13 units (8 Active Component and 5 Reserve Component). The Army has learned many significant lessons and is applying them to all redeploying units to allow units more time to accomplish reset objectives at their home stations.


We must transform our force to provide the combatant commanders dominant, strategically responsive forces capable of meeting diverse challenges across the entire spectrum of 21st Century conflict. To transform our force, we are adopting modular organizations, accelerating delivery of advanced technologies, operationalizing the Reserve Components, restationing our forces, and transforming leader development.

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