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Army Force Generation (ARFORGEN) Process

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Army Force Generation (ARFORGEN) Process

Goal – Improve the ARFORGEN process to generate trained, ready, and cohesive units for combatant commanders on a rotational basis to meet current and future strategic demands. Achieve a degree of balance by reaching a ratio of one year deployed to two years at home station for Active Component units, and one year deployed to four years at home for Reserve Component units by 2011.

Progress – Recent refinements in the ARFORGEN process have increased predictability for Soldiers and their Families. When combined with the announced drawdown in Iraq, this will substantially increase the time our Soldiers have at home.


In order to prepare Soldiers, their Families, and units for future deployments and contingencies, we must reset the force to rebuild the readiness that has been consumed in operations. Reset restores deployed units to a level of personnel and equipment readiness necessary for future missions. The Army is using a standard reset model and is continuing a reset pilot program to further improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the ARFORGEN process. To reset our force, we are revitalizing Soldiers and Families; repairing, replacing, and recapitalizing equipment; and retraining Soldiers.

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