General Education Student Learning Report

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General Education Student Learning Report

Academic Year 2011-12

Guidelines and suggestions for completing this report are available on the college’s assessment website. The report is designed to be completed while you are grading the relevant student work, so it can be submitted at any time during the term, or within two weeks of the submission of final grades. To complete this report, enter your information, save the document, and then send it as an email attachment to
Instructor’s name:

Course number, title, and term taught:

General Education requirement assessed:

  1. Please refer to the intended learning outcomes for the specific GE requirement you assessed, and indicate which one of these outcomes you selected as the focus of your evidence-gathering.

 Outcome 1

 Outcome 2

 Outcome 3

 Outcome 4

 Outcome 5

 Outcome 6

  1. How did you inform students that this learning outcome was a goal for your course? Check all that apply:

Including the GE outcomes, or a link to them, on the syllabus

 Referencing the outcome in one or more assignments

 Incorporating the outcome into a survey of enrolled students

 Discussing the outcome in class

 Including the outcome in other course materials (e.g., on the course Moodle site)

 Other (please describe):

  1. What kind(s) of student work did you observe in order to determine the extent to which your students are achieving this outcome? Check all that apply:

 Short writing assignment (5 pages or less)

 Medium writing assignment (6-15 pages)

 Long writing assignment (more than 15 pages)

 Oral presentation

 Demonstration or performance

 Part or all of a quiz or examination

 Other (please describe):

  1. Please summarize your observations of the students’ work by completing the table below (for each category, enter the number and percentage of students in the class whose work demonstrated that level of achievement in relation to the outcome ):




Not Demonstrated









  1. Please provide a brief description of the characteristics of student work for each category of accomplishment. In other words, how did you recognize “exemplary,” “satisfactory,” and “emerging” work?




  1. Please write a brief statement about the practical significance of the above results for this course. Based on what you observed in your students’ work, and in light of your experience in teaching this course, what would you continue and what might you change?

  1. What suggestions, if any, do you have for the Curriculum Committee concerning the content or wording of the learning outcome you assessed, or the course guideline to which it corresponds? Does the learning outcome “work” as a shared public statement of our aspirations for this GE requirement?

  1. What suggestions, if any, do you have for campus conversations or faculty development in light of this assessment project? What are you curious about? What do you want to work on, and with whom?

  1. To what extent was this exercise useful to you in reflecting on your teaching?  If it was generally useful, please explain how.  If it was not very useful, please suggest changes to the process that might make it so.

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