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Black, Ingrid

The dead. 2005. Read by Tara Ward, 12 hours 44 minutes. TB 14818.

Five years ago Ed Fagan disappeared and since then nothing has been heard from the serial killer known as the Night Hunter. Now a Dublin newspaper has received a letter claiming to be from Fagan with a chilling message: he's going to kill again. At first, the Dublin Metropolitan Police are inclined to dismiss the letter as the work of a crank. Then the body of prostitute Mary Lynch is found and it's only too clear that a murderer is at large again. But is it Fagan? Saxon, a former FBI agent, was writing a book about Fagan when he disappeared and is certain that the killings are not the works of Fagan. But how can she convince the police to look beyond the obvious and to go after the real killer. Contains violence. TB 14818.

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