General Crime (part 1) Talking Books

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Ripley, Mike

Angel confidential. 1995. Read by Vincent Brimble, 8 hours 44 minutes. TB 10787.

No self-respecting London taxi driver would do anything but run a mile if somebody jumped in the back of their black Austin FX4S and yelled "Follow that cab!" But for Angel it is just the start of another case. TB 10787.

Rohmer, Sax

The mystery of Dr Fu-Manchu. 1992. Read by Bruce Montague, 9 hours 47 minutes. TB 9415.

Sir Crichton Davies was dead and under his sleeve, among the tracks of cocaine needles, was a mark like the imprint of red painted lips. The deadly Zayat kiss presages London coming under the malignant shadow of the power of Fu Manchu. Nayland Smith and Dr Petrie follow his trail to the opium deans and fogbound docks of Limehouse, in a desperate bid to outwit the most evil genius of the Orient. TB 9415.

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files -> Oh Freedom! Teaching African American Civil Rights Through American Art at the Smithsonian
files -> Eastern State Penitentiary Historic Site’s interpretation of Al Capone’s cell, c. 2013. Al Capone Approved Source for Tour Content Developed by Annie Anderson May 2013 Draft 2 For Web Guiding questions
files -> Dr amanda wise & dr jan ali commonwealth of Australia 2008

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