General Crime (part 1) Talking Books

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Mann, Jessica

The mystery writer. 2006. Read by Anna Bentinck, 9 hours 59 minutes. TB 14827.

It is 1940 and Britain is evacuating its children. Ted Johns, son of the groundskeeper at the manor house in Goonzoyle, finds himself in steerage aboad the SS City of Benares. Also aboard is the heir to Goonzoyle, Jonathan Hicks. When the ship is torpedoed, the two boys find themselves thrown together, but only one of them survives. TB 14827.

Martin, Andrew

The Necropolis Railway : a novel of murder, mystery and steam. 2002. Read by Hugh Walters, 7 hours 6 minutes. TB 12757.

Jim Stringer series; book 1. A chance encounter leads young Jim Stringer, a railway porter, to move from Yorkshire to London, enticed by the prospect of becoming a railwayman "of the right sort". But when he arrives in the Waterloo of 1903, it is to discover a world of garish pubs, tawdry brothels and mysterious duties. Contains strong language. TB 12757.

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