General Crime (part 1) Talking Books

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McCrery, Nigel

Silent Witness. 1999. Read by Paddy Glynn, 8 hours. TB 13202.

Silent Witness series; book 1. Samantha Ryan, Home Office pathologist, is called to assist in a case where everything seems to point towards a peculiar ritualistic murder. But as Samantha races against time to find the evidence that will trap the mysterious killer, she becomes a threat someone is determined to remove. TB 13202.

McDermid, Val

Report for murder. Read by Vari Sylvester, 8 hours 2 minutes. TB 13895.

Lindsay Gordon series; book 1. Freelance journalist Lindsay Gordon is strapped for cash. Why else would she agree to cover a fund-raising gala at a girl's public school? But when the star attraction is found garrotted with her own cello string instants before she is due to go on stage, Lindsay finds herself investigating a vicious murder. Who would have wanted Lorna Smith Cooper dead? Who had the key to the locked room in which her body was found? And who could have slipped out of the hall at just the right time to commit this calculated and cold-blooded crime? Contains violence. TB 13895.

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