General Crime (part 1) Talking Books

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Kerrigan, Gene

The midnight choir. 2006. Read by John Cormack, 9 hours 27 minutes. TB 14813.

Dixie Peyton, widow of a small-time criminal, struggles to regain custody of her son. In desperation, she seeks the help of controversial detective Harry Synott, a man obsessed with his own interpretation of justice. All around them, in an Ireland in love with its own prosperity, the greedy and ruthless manoeuvre in pursuit of their own objectives. Contains strong language. TB 14813.

Knox, Bill

Deadline for a dream. Read by James Bryce, 6 hours 42 minutes. TB 13214.

Thane and Moss series; book 1. This introduces the notorious Chief Inspector Thane and Inspector Moss of Glasgow CID. A crime reporter, a gun, a money-worshipping girlfriend and insider knowledge of a factory pay-roll car's movements are a recipe for disaster. After careful planning the reporter brings off the hold-up and carries away a large amount of untraceable bank notes. In panic of the raid however, he shoots a young policeman dead and a full scale murder hunt ensues. TB 13214.

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