General Crime (part 1) Talking Books

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Jardine, Quintin

Skinner's rules. 1994. Read by Robbie MacNab, 10 hours 40 minutes. TB 13304.

Bob Skinner series; book 1. Even Chief Superintendent Bob Skinner, Head of Edinburgh CID is shocked by the savagely mutilated corpse discovered in a dark alleyway. The victim is identified, but the motive for his brutal death remains a mystery. Then further, seemingly random, killings in the city begin to suggest a vicious serial killer is on the rampage. Contains violence. TB 13304.

Joss, Morag

Fearful symmetry. 2000. Read by Charlotte Strevens, 12 hours 16 minutes. TB 12420.

Exhausted after a gruelling world tour, cellist Sara Selkirk is looking forward to a few months' recuperation at her cottage near Bath. Sara's growing attraction to DCI Andrew Poole causes her to make the mistake of joining an amateur operatics society. The Circus Opera Group is a motley crew. There's faded diva Helene; vain, talentless Cosmo and his long-suffering girlfriend, Poppy; not to mention Andrew's wife, Valerie, who's beginning to grow suspicious. With this uneasy mix of fragile egos, both Sara and Andrew predict trouble ahead. What they don't expect is sudden, violent death... Contains strong language. TB 12420.

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