General Crime (part 1) Talking Books

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Gosling, Paula

Backlash. 1989. Read by Francine Brodkin, 6 hours 36 minutes. TB 8133.

It's an open season on cops. Officers and men of the Grantham police force are being hunted and shot down, one by one, by somebody who knows more than they should about cops, guns and hate. Detective Lieutenant Jack Stryker is the unlucky man assigned to tracking the killer. It is not an easy job. Or a safe one. Unsuitable for family reading. TB 8133.

Hare, Cyril

Tenant for death. 2001. Read by Steve Hodson, 7 hours 40 minutes. TB 13503.

Inspector Mallet series; book 1. Daylesford Gardens, South Kensington, is the unlikely address for the discovery of death by strangulation. Even more unusual is that the house does not belong to the deceased financier. In the meantime, the mysterious tenant, Colin James, has disappeared. Inspector Mallett of Scotland Yard is brought in to unravel a complicated trail. TB 13503.

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