General Crime (part 1) Talking Books

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Flynn, Raymond

Seascape with body. 1996. Read by Steve Hodson, 9 hours 8 minutes. TB 14648.

Eddathorpe series; book 1. Seedy seaside resort Eddathorpe looks like a dead end for exiled policeman, Robert Graham; but an unsolved murder still poisons the lives of six local men whose names were never cleared. There is also the Friday night burglar, and the financially suspicious major. TB 14648.

Francis, Dick

Shattered. 2000. Read by Conrad Hornby, 7 hours 53 minutes. TB 12620.

Gerard Logan finds that when his jockey friend dies following a fall at the Cheltenham races, he is involved in a desperate search for a stolen video tape which embroils him in more life-threatening hazards than does his work as a widely-acclaimed glass-blower. Contains violence. TB 12620.

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