General Crime (part 1) Talking Books

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Dibdin, Michael

Ratking. 1988. Read by William Gaminara, 9 hours. TB 9449.

Aurelio Zen series; book 1. An investigation into a kidnapping in Italy turns to murder. Police Commissioner Aurelio Zen has crossed swords with the Establishment before, and lost. From a mundane desk job in Rome, he's unexpectedly transferred to Perugia to take over a kidnapping case involving one of Italy's most powerful families.

TB 9449.

Doherty, P C

The soul slayer. 1998. Read by Peter Barker, 13 hours 35 minutes. TB 13496.

Rebecca Lennox, daughter of a former priest, is neglected and feared by the villagers of Dunmow in Essex. They regard her as cursed, by both her hare lip and her gift of second sight. She finally finds a mortal confidant in a young Catholic priest who comes to the village, but in late summer, a new parson is appointed. Henry Frogmore is more interested in the black arts than the teachings of religion. For him holy orders are merely a convenient cover for his nefarious activities, but in Rebecca and

Michael he finds powerful opponents. And in the ensuing struggle the price for each of them is all too heavy. Contains strong language. TB 13496.

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