General Assembly March 18, 2014

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General Assembly

March 18, 2014

Sharp 131, 8pm

  1. GiggleOn!

  2. Future speakers

    1. Global Studies

    2. StUDent Central

    3. Parking Services

    4. Dining/Housing

  3. President’s Council

    1. Thursday, March 20th at 5PM RSA Office in Perkins

    2. If you go/send a substitute: 5 points, 24 hour notice w/o substitute: 3 points, no notice w/o substitute: 0 points

  4. Star System

    1. 1st- RoCC, 2nd-C4, 3rd- CRAB, 4th- RSAC

  5. For the good of the campus

    1. UD Maintenance desk number is 302-831-1141

    2. Come to Brandon’s office hours Monday and Friday 12:30-2:30 or email him


    4. More on the Scholarship next week!

  6. What’s happenin’?

    1. Resapalooza

      1. BBQ theme food

      2. UD’s largest cake- Phil will not be jumping out of it

      3. Voting on Inflatables soon

    2. Wednesday- Making Doctors Spring Raffle 7-9 Trabant MPRs

    3. Thursday- Healthy Hens Hut- bike safety; HTAC Bye, Bye Birdie; SCPAB UDeserve a Break 1-2:30 in Perkins; Vagina Monologues 7-10 Bacchus

    4. Friday- Riot Act Show 8-10 Trabant MPRs; Rubber Chickens 8-9:30 Perkins West Lounge; Family Feud Game night 7-11 Campus House; SCPAB Movies

    5. Saturday- HTAC Performance; USC NYC bus trip; SCPAB movie; Knitting/crocheting night 9-10 Sussex Lounge

    6. Sunday- UDANCE!!!!! 9-9 Bob Carpenter Center

    7. Email Phil with anything you want added-


    1. Theme- leadership is a trip

      1. Meeting at 5 in RSA office if you have any ideas

    2. Conference Team application is due on March 21, this FRIDAY

  8. UDeserve it award

    1. New system- random throw

      1. Jack gave it to Caitlin

  9. Food Drive this week! Lerner and Purnell for the Food Bank of Delaware

  10. Finances and Fun with Polly

    1. Total Budget $22,777

  11. Ashley’s update: Sexual Assault Awareness flash mob is Wed April 9 at noon on the Green next to Memorial- after next week’s GA learn the dance for 15-20 minutes

  12. Speed Round CCC updates

    1. DCC- march madness in the works

    2. CRAB- snack table is now on Friday

    3. RSAC- retreat on Saturday to welcome new members, Frozen movie night with waffles and ice cream on Wednesday

    4. SRG- open mic night coming up, filled out their e-board

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