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Suggested teaching time

6 hours


Judeo-Christian Influence on the philosophy of religion

Topic outline

Suggested teaching and homework activities

Suggested resources

Points to note

The concept of God as Creator:

The way the Bible presents God as involved with his creation

  • Introduce topic and give students in pairs, copies of Genesis chapter 1 and 2. What similarities or differences are there in the account? Give guidance on writing up findings in a table.

  • Explain briefly the idea of source criticism and the context in which each story was believed to be written. Revisit table and suggest reasons for differences.

Imagery of God as craftsman;

creatio ex nihilo

  • Students work on structured piece of writing exploring concept of God as creator using notes from previous lesson and other resources. Key areas include how is God presented in each story? Is the creation ex-nihilo?

  • ‘Foundations for Study of Religion’ (Ahluwahlia).

the concepts of omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence;
compare this view with Aristotle’s Prime Mover;

  • Present students with a list of the traditional attributes of God. Match these words to a set of jumbled definitions.

  • Discuss which of the attributes would also be an attribute of Aristotle’ Prime Mover. What is the difference between the Jewish and Greek ideas of God?

  • Chapters 2 & 3 of ‘The thinker’s guide to God.’ (Vardy & Arliss).

Religious Studies H172: Philosophy of Religion G571

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