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10 minutes

Warm up activity to assess prior knowledge. Quiz ‘Who wants to be an Ontological Millionaire.’ As described above.

10 minutes

Explanation: How to say absolutely nothing! Have some statements on OHT or PowerPoint slide such as ‘the bachelor is unmarried’ ‘the triangle has 3 sides.’ What do you learn about the terms described? Explain that these are analytic statements. Contrast to synthetic statements. Students write a definition of each of these terms.

15 minutes

Student Activity: Check understanding by asking students to write both an analytic and a synthetic statement about 5-6 terms e.g.) a circle, a bicycle, a black box etc.

Pupils to feedback their answers. Teacher to clarify if necessary. Explain that Kant thinks ‘God has necessary existence’ is an analytic statement (i.e. We are merely defining what God would be if he existed).

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