Gce o level syllabus history syllabus questions & past year structured essay exam questions (2007-2012) Chapter Two: Establishing Peace

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Chapter Two: Establishing Peace
Enquiry Question:Were the hopes of the world in prevent another world war fulfilled by the 1920s?
Key Questions:
1.What were the intentions behind the Treaty of Versailles?

2.What were the reactions behind the Treaty of Versailles?

3. How effective was the role of the LON in the 1920s in promoting world peace?

4. What was the role played by the USA in disarmament.

5. How successful were the efforts in disarmament in the 1920s.

6. How effective was the aid given to German in the 1920s?

Previous O Level Questions

  • Was the tough peace imposed on Germany in 1919 necessary? (2008)

  • The following are important reasons why Germany hated the Treaty of Versailles: limitations on its armed forces; reparations; loss of land. Do you agree with this statement? (2008)

  • Was there a complete absence of international conflict during the 1920s? Explain your answer. (2010)

  • To what extent did German recover during the 1920s? Explain your answer. (2010)

  • Was the loss of territory the only reason for German hatred of the Treaty of Versailles? (2011)

  • The Allies were completely satisfied with the peace settlement agreed at Versailles. How far do you agree with this statement? (2011)

*Chapter Four: Nazi Germany
Enquiry Question:Was the rise of Hitler in Germany inevitable and did it bring more harm than good?
Key Questions:
1.What is Fascism & Nazism?

2. Why did Hitler rise to power?

3. How did Hitler consolidate Nazi rule in Germany after becoming chancellor in 1932?

4. How successful was Hitler in solving Germany's problems until 1939?

Previous O Level Questions

  • Were economic factors the main reason Hitler rose to power in 1933? (2009)

  • How far was Hitler’s control over Germany achieved because of fear? (2009)

*Chapter Six: War in Europe
Enquiry Question: Could war in Europe be avoided?
Key Questions:
1. How seriously was peace challenged in the 1930s in Europe?

2. Why did World War Two break out in 1939?

Previous O Level Questions

  • Was appeasement policy of the late 1930s justified? (2008)

  • The following were equally important reasons why war broke out in Europe in 1939. Hitler’s aggressive foreign policy, failure of the League of Nations, the Nazi Soviet Pact. Do you agree with this statement? (2008)

  • Was rearmament during the 1930s avoidable? Explain your answer (2010)

  • To what extent did Hitler’s attack on Poland cause World War 2? Explain your answer. (2010)

  • Were the effects of the Great Depression the main reason for the failure of the League of Nations during the 1930s? Explain your answer. (2012)

  • How successful was the British government’s policy of appeasement between 1935 and 1939? Explain your answer. (2012)

* Chapter Three: Communist Russia

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