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Unit 8.1 Power Notes (20-1): Galveston Hurricane

  • Galveston is located on ______________________________, 50 miles SE of Houston

  • Galveston has been the home to:

    • ________________________________________- Karankawas

    • ________________________________________- Lafitte

    • ________________________________________ Governments

  • Began in April of _______

  • _____________________ used Galveston as a port due to its naturally deep harbor.

  • In 1800s Galveston was a center for ________________________ for Texas and the U S.

  • _____________________________________ in Texas from 1870-80 – 22,248 people

  • Nicknamed the “______________________________ of the Southwest”

  • During the late 1800s Galveston was Texas’ most _________________ city with beautiful architecture

  • Galveston enjoyed its role as the _______________________________ of Texas, a true White-Collar City.

  • First Texas city to have electric lights, telephone, and baseball team


  • By early September 1900, citizens of Galveston hear about a _________________ in the Gulf of Mexico…Did not know how ________________________ it was.

  • Most citizens disregarded the warnings given by _____________________________ – the city’s representative of the U.S. Weather Bureau


  • Dr. Cline notices _____________________________ in the gulf as he makes his rounds, but nothing signaling what’s to come.

  • Dr. Cline received messages from the __________________________________ as Galveston had been put under a storm warning as early as Sept 4.

  • Galveston’s ______________ residents go to sleep that night unaware of the fate that awaits them


  • Early in the day, water begins to ____________ homes blocks from the beach

  • Galveston’s highest point above sea level was only ______ feet and people begin to move to higher ground and into tall buildings

  • As flood waters rise the ________________ to mainland is destroyed by a boat that escapes its moorings

  • By the early evening, the winds began to blow the deadly _______________________ onto the island

  • A storm surge of ______ feet swept over the island and completely submerged it.

  • People fled to the second and third stories of high buildings

  • Winds estimated at near _______ mph gusts

  • As people fled the storm, many were killed by _______________________ from houses that had been destroyed by wind and water. People clung to anything to keep afloat.

  • By night time the city was in utter _______________ as the gasworks for city lighting was destroyed.

  • By ____ pm, the winds turned from the south and the storm began to weaken

  • By the next morning the storm was gone and devastation was left in its wake:

  1. ___________________ people dead on the island and 3,600 buildings destroyed

  2. $_____ million in damage done to the island = to $_____ million today


  • Bodies were collected to be ________________ and then a plan was made to _________________ of them

  • Bodies were staked on barges and weighted down to be sunk in the gulf.

  • A few days later the bodies washed back onto the island.

  • The city officials decided to ____________ all the bodies.

  • Many __________________________ citizens were put in charge of burning the bodies.

  • Galveston asked for assistance from the governor to prevent _________ in the city

  • 125 people were shot for __________________ from houses and from the dead bodies.


  • Galveston changed its City Government to a __________________________________ to speed up the process of recovering

  • A ____________________ was proposed to block the island from deadly storm surges

  • The city planned to raise its _____________________ by bringing in sand from the gulf


  • Galveston built a ____ foot seawall that extends for over three miles of the islands coastline. They increased the elevation of the town by ____ feet.

  • These projects were completed by 1904, causing Galveston to miss out on the oil boom.


  • However, ______________________ overtook Galveston as the most important port city in Texas when the Houston Ship Channel was built.

  • Galveston’s economy today is based largely on ____________________.

  • It is also the home of the two __________________________: Texas A&M University @ Galveston and the University of Texas Medical Branch.

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2759 -> Test/Due Date Unit 3 Plan – Mexican Texas: Colonization & Rebellion teks learning Targets
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