Gallery Walk: Annexation of Hawaii Station 1: Sewards Folly

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Gallery Walk: Annexation of Hawaii

Station 1: Sewards Folly

  • Who made the purchase of the Alaskan Territory?

  • Which nation was Alaska purchased from?

  • How do you think American’s felt about the purchase of Alaska? Describe their feelings and why they felt this way.

  • Why did Seward want the Alaskan Territory?.

  • Did Alaska become a US State? If so, which number?

Station 2: A new Navy for the US

  • How big was the US navy in the mid 1870’s?

  • By 1896, how large had the US navy grown?.

  • Why was having a large naval power important to nations at this time? Explain.

  • Why might the US have had its naval ships enter a Japanese port in 1854? Make a prediction.

Station #3- The opening of Japan (Treaty of Kanagawa)

  • Why would the US be celebrating the Treaty of Kanagawa on a postage stamp? What did it accomplish?

  • View the second image at this station. How does this Japanese painting depict the US ship? How do you think the Japanese feel about the American presence at their shores?

  • Who is Commodore Perry and how did he get Japan to agree to open up their country to trade?

  • Before the Treaty of Kanagawa, what happened to US shipwrecked soldiers in Japan?

Station #4- Hawaiian planters rebel

  • What interested US planters in the lands of Hawaii?

  • What “theme” or vocabulary word is depicted in the cartoon image on this station? How does this cartoon make the US look?

  • Why might the Hawaiian Islands have been attractive to the US government? Why was its location ideal?

Station #5- Annexation of Hawaii

  • How does the cartoon in the first image depict the United States? Explain.

  • What is annexation?

  • Why might the native Hawaiian people have been angered at the US missionaries? Explain.

  • What happened to Queen Liliuokalani?

  • Did Hawaii become a US State? If so, what number?

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