Galileo and his discoveries were followed by other scientific revoluitons Newton and gravity, etc…

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Galileo and his discoveries were followed by other scientific revoluitons….Newton and gravity, etc…

11/12/13 (after checking unit work through 11/8)…

Nature of makind...inherently good or bad in your opinion??

Hobbes vs. Locke

  1. Why are you in general on the “people are good” (LOCKE) or “people are bad” (HOBBES) side?

  2. Read first two pages of the reading….A) What’s the main point, theme?

B) Underline or highlight most important word, phrase, and sentence

3) Read pages 3-4 and underline main portions that you disagree with.


As a group and individual…create higher level questions regarding the nature of mankind, Locke vs. Hobbes.

Higher level questions, ask the answerer to:

Imagine, predict, argue, persuade, infer……….

e.g.- If Hobbes philosophy is true, then how can a democracy like ours be as successful as it is has been?

Throughout most of human history, people have not been equal, so how can Locke claim that mankind exists in a state of “natural equality”??

Seminar, fishbowl re Locke/Hobbes…

11/14 and 11/15….Locke’s ideas= portal into the age of Enlightened thinking in Europe, the rest of the world, because he brought to light the idea of natural rights of mankind, which is the foundation of modern democracy and the idea that people have the right to govern themselves.This idea/ENLIGHTENMENT, in the face of brutal absolute rulers, laid the foundation for revolutions all over the world that dramatically changed human history!!!






So…Locke’s (and others like him) ideas led to Enlightenment…and the Enlightenment was “spread” by famous writers and thinkers…particularly in France.

Page 196..What was up with the philosophes?

Page 196…What up with Voltaire?

Page 199..What up with Wollstonecraft?

Page 199-200…what’s the legacy (3 things!!) of the Enlightenment


What does satire “look like”? Let’s examine it today by looking at a famous American family…”The Simpsons”!!

What is “The Simpsons” ridiculing????

Page 201 Enlightenment satirists………..why do you think they had to use satire? Why do you think this is effective? AND answer the 3 document based questions.


So…the enlightenment starts to be spread…how???

Page 202…SALONS

Page 204-205…”Enlightened Despots”…..

Frederick the Great-

Joseph II

Catherine the Great-


*** Enlightenment…………………American Revolution- How connected???

The Enlightenment ideas were what the American Revolution was all about!!

(life, liberty, freedom, democracy, etc…)

Why was the American Revolution a “big deal” to the rest of the world???

Terms to know: Chapter 6, Section 4

  • Declaration of Independence-

  • Bill of Rights-

  • The kind of Democracy the America created and is still modeled for the rest of the world (Federal Republic) Page 209-

Page 212 gives a nice summary of where we’ve “been” so far…

Absolutism…Scientific Revolution..Enlightenment..Spread of Ideas…Am Revol……..and then other major revolutions to follow!!!!!

Like the French Revolution..

Anticipation Guide (11/18 and 11/19)

Respond to statements “pre and post” reading…

*Statement 1- Citizens have a responsibility to change an unjust government.

After reading Chapter 7/Section 1 (217-221), you should know 4-5 causes of the French Revolution. 1) A messed up and uneven system (1st, 2nd, and 3rd estate thing) 2) Bad economy 3) Bad leader (Louis XVI) 4) Motivated 3rd estate leaders take action and storm the Bastille

And respond post reading.

*Statement 2- In times of unrest and crisis, it is “ok” to use fear to control a society’s people.

Respond pre reading…

Read Chapter 7, Sect 2…What changes did the National Assembly bring about?What divisions developed in France?

What was the Reign of Terror?Respond Post reading….

Statement 3- The French Revolution was the most significant revolution of all time, and it was one of the most important events in world history.

Pre reading response-

Post Reading Response-

11/21 and 11/22-

(wrapping up the Anticipation Guide..and I’d suggest finishing this so)

Statement 4- Dictators can provide needed order for society.

Pre Reading response-

Review Chapter 7, Section 3-

How and why did Napoleon seize power (230)?

How was he ironically crowned emperor (231)?

What were his thoughts regarding American territories (231)?

What did Napoleon intend to create and was he successful? (231-33)

Post reading response-

Statement 5- Those desiring power and empires will eventually meet their downfall.

Pre reading response-

Read Chapter 7, Section 4 and understand…

What mistakes did Napoleon make?

What ultimately happened to his empire?

What effect did Napoleon have on Europe overall?

Post reading response-

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