G20 Climate Finance Study Group

Session 4: Mobilizing private climate finance

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Session 4: Mobilizing private climate finance

France reported on experiences and instruments to effectively mobilize private climate finance, in particular by bringing together different actors at the regional EU level. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) presented its experiences, actions and results concerning leveraging private climate finance. The Climate Policy Initiative (CPI) presented project-based lessons from a selected number of case studies on how to achieve effective climate finance. The Green Growth Action Alliance (G2A2) shared its views on the current challenges experienced by the private sector: mismatch between government objectives and private sector interests, undervaluation of efficiency, limited absorption capacity of recipient countries and high transaction costs for the private sector caused by a large number of public donors/actors.

The discussion among members stressed that the involvement of the private sector in climate change could be increased further, in particular with respect to the funding of adaptation measures. It was also noted that support of the private sector by the public sector should be delivered with caution in order to avoid moral hazard.

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