Fury of the northmen: TimeFrame A. D. 800—1000 A. D. —Chapter 1: “The Viking Onslaught,” pp. 9—48. —Chapter 2: “Byzantium Resurgent,” pp. 49—88

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Match the Viking group or individual below with the lettered description.

23. Swedes _________

24. Danes _________

25. Norwegians _________

26. Canute _________

27. Rollo _________

28. Eirik the Red _________

29. Leif Eirickson _________
a. Viking chieftain whose men came to be called Normans, a contraction of Northmen, after he agreed to support the Frankish king against rival Vikings in return for land surrounding the mouth of the Seine.

b. Operated primarily in the North Sea and the English Channel, invading England and France.

c. Made landings in 1001 A.D. at Baffin Island, Labrador, and the northern tip of Labrador.

d. Moved eastward into the Baltic and then down the great rivers of Central Europe.

e. Dane who took over the throne of both England and Denmark in 1017.

f. Promoted the settlement of Greenland.

g. Focused attentions on Ireland, Scotland, and nearby islands, and colonized Iceland and Greenland.

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