Fun Softball Drills โ€“ Steal the Bacon

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Fun Softball Drills โ€“ Steal the Bacon

Purpose: To Develop ball-handling skills and practice tagging runners.

Procedure: This drill will need one baseball and gloves for each player. Divide the team into two groups, line them up across from each other, and number the players in each group from one to six. The coach puts a ball between the lines and yells out a number. Both players with this number run toward the ball and try to grab it, or steal the bacon. When one of the players picks up the ball, the other tries to tag him with the glove. The player who picks up the ball tries to run back to the line without getting tagged. Award one team a point if its player gets back to the line without being tagged. Award the other team a point if its player makes the tag before the runner reaches the line. Players can also run with the ball in their bare hands when trying to make a tag.

Players should squeeze their gloves when carrying the ball, No points are awarded if a player drops the ball during the drill

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