From the Milano Community Network, to the Association of Civic Networking in Lombardia

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5. Acknowledgments

This paper summarizes two years worth of activities at the Laboratorio di Informatica Civica (LIC) and two years worth of existence of both the Rete Civica di Milano (RCM) and the Rete Culturale Regionale (RCR). Therefore it is impossible to thank everybody who deserves it. However, we would like to acknowledge the RCM Administrators, Giovanni Casapulla and Oliverio Gentile, the RCM staff, LIC's students and contributors (with a special citation for Antonia Grasso and Lucia Randone, who more than others indirectly contributed to this paper), RCM members and moderators, the RCR staff -- without them all this would not have been possible. Our particular thank to the Assessore alla Trasparenza e Cultura, Attorney Marzio Tremaglia: not only he believed in the project providing the required political support, but he also offered his specific contribution to the turning point decisions of this project. Finally we wish to thank Bernardo Parrella who helped us in unfolding the typical Italian-style twisting of the into a (hopefully) intellible English.

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