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Determining Main Ideas and Author’s Purpose

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Determining Main Ideas and Author’s Purpose
Creating a Main Idea Statement
Passage Title: _________________________________________________________________________

A. After you read the passage, create a one-statement summary of the “Main Idea.”

Your statement should accomplish each of the following:

  1. It is a statement of YOUR creation (not copied from the passage itself)--but it is not your opinion.

  2. It represents the ENTIRETY of the passage rather than merely restating portions of the passage—not a specific detail.

  3. It is a statement that reflects that story/reading not an universal theme.

  4. It is a complete statement that gives the reader a sense of the author’s intention.

--good—“The spirit of Christmas is so strong it can overcome all obstacles, even a Grinch's bad attitude.”

--not so good—“The Grinch should not have taken the presents from the families in Whoville.”

I believe the Main Idea of this passage is:

B. After our class discussion, mark an “X” on the appropriate location on the continuum.

After viewing my classmates’ responses, I believe that my Main Idea statement is:
PERFECT_____________________________________________________COMPLETELY OFF!
C. Now that we have discussed Main Ideas, the next time I create a Main Idea statement I will:

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