From: Newcastle Public School. Newcastle, ne

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If I Were President

By: Jonah H. Lee

From: Newcastle Public School. Newcastle, NE.

There would be many things I would do if I were president. An example of one of my changes would be to reduce the amount of pay that the politicians and the president’s staff is getting. Perhaps reduce it by at least 10 to 20 percent. In my opinion I think it’s a great idea. I know they would be getting less, but with that plan I could lower the tax rate people are paying because their salaries wouldn’t require as much money there for requiring fewer taxes to be paid. As for my policy on taxing the different wealth classes in the United States, I suggest the rich pay the higher taxes while the poor pay the lower taxes. That's how it's supposed to be in my opinion. I believe the highest tax that can be imposed is around 31%/dollar. That's 31 cents of every dollar is taxed, and that percentile is reserved for the rich. As for the poor, the lowest tax that can be imposed is 4%/dollar. Of every dollar a poor citizen has, only 4 pennies are taxed.

I would have an important talk with the American people, emphasizing that we are facing a crisis and solving it will require a spirit of shared sacrifice. Those of us who have benefited mightily from this country and made billions, as well as those who make the minimum wage, must all sacrifice to solve this crisis our country faces. I think this would be a great step into improving the United States economic recovery. Also we need improved education. We aren’t competing will other countries as well as we did anymore. The United States still spends more than any other nation on research and development. But others are moving up, not least China. America needs to inspire a new generation of risk takers. And it starts in school. I suggest we need more innovators from each state to brainstorm new ways to financially improve our economy with new jobs and environmental ways to restore balance to the United States of America.

An appropriate percentage of the national budget would be to dig our way out of this national debt. Going of off Franklin D. Roosevelt’s ideas but modernized to present times, we would have to spend money to make money. The spending wouldn’t be to join wars we don’t need, it would be resourceful ways to make good constant use of income. Leaving my mark should already be accomplished by now but to know that I care for every human being out there, I would declare to abolish the death penalty. I think a life sentence in maximum security prison would be an appropriate substitute for taking someone’s life.

This is what I would do as president because I think the policies I have proposed are a great benefit for everyone in the United States.

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