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The House where Joan of Arc was born

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The House where Joan of Arc was born 
The house where Joan of Arc was born was purchased in 1818 by the Vosges Département, and listed as an Historical Monument in 1840. It has been preserved and restored. Its façade is decorated with a tympanum sculpted with coats of arms from the 15th century, and a statue of Joan in armour, kneeling. Inside, you can visit four rooms: the room where she was born, Joan's bedroom, the storeroom and the brothers' room.

The Centre Johannique (Joan of Arc Centre)
Near the house where Joan of Arc was born, the Centre Johannique presents "Visages de Jeanne" (Faces of Joan): a group of presentations based on a new concept of cultural tourism.
It includes three different, complementary areas that allow the visitor to choose different types of visit, involving greater or less detail. The ambulatory, the great gallery and the projection room offer a visit lasting between one and three hours.
This centre also constitutes a place reinforcing citizenship, where young people from France and other parts of Europe - starting from the story of Joan of Arc and this pivotal period between the Middle Ages and modern times, a period of transformation that resembles ours in that respect - can reflect on a Europe in which we have lived and on which we must build. 

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