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From “Domrémy la Pucelle”

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From “Domrémy la Pucelle”


Domrémy is a little village in the département of Vosges, on the banks of the river Meuse, very close to the borders of the départements of Meuse, Meurthe, Moselle and Haute-Marne. 

The village of Domrémy was shared between several authorities: the northern part belonged to Champagne, part of the Manor of Vaucouleurs and was part of the Kingdom of France. The southern part, including Joan's house, belonged to the "Barrois mouvant" area, since the Duke of Bar was a vassal of the King of France for the lands situated to the west of the River Meuse. These lands were held in fief by the Abbots of Mureaux and by the Lords of Bourlémont. The rear part of Joan of Arc's house includes part of the original house.

Joan was born there in January 1412. Her father was a labourer there - that is, a well-off peasant - who rented part of the old chateau. You can visit the house where she was born. The present façade was built in 1431 by a great-great-nephew of Joan's, Claude du Lys, Lord of Domrémy

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