From Habitat to Global Cyberspace

A starting point: Habitat

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A starting point: Habitat
Habitat is a graphical many‑user virtual online envi­ronment, a make‑believe world that people enter using home computers connected via telephones and packet nets to a centralized host running on a commercial online in­formation service. It was originally available under the name Club Caribe through the Commodore 64-only QuantumLink service. It is currently thriving in Japan as Fujitsu Habitat on the NIFtyServe service. Efforts are underway to port the Fujitsu version of Habitat to America on PCs and Macs for Christmas of 1994.
Habitat presents each of its participants with a real‑time animated view into an online simulated world in which people communicate, play games, go on ad­ven­tures, fall in love, get married, get divorced, start busi­nesses, found religions, wage wars, protest against them, and experiment with self‑government.
Habitat has been a rich source of information on the nature of building and managing these new virtual worlds, and we've written extensively about it. But the lessons we've learned go far beyond these.

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