From drinking coffee; yellow, liquid; black-streaked; bilious, colored with blood

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from drinking coffee; yellow, liquid; black-streaked ; bilious, colored with blood.

Stitches. Pain; in pit or anterior part of liver; in epigastrium, radiating over belly and into limbs, with uterine tenesmus; gradually increasing pain in epi­gastrium, loins and abdomen, with strangury and vomiting. Oppression of pit, with warmth in it. Sen­sation in pit as if distended and bruised, with fulness in abdomen; sensation in pit as if abdomen were dis­tended at this point and the diaphragm thereby pressed upward, with oppression of breathing. Cold­ness; in pit. Heat; peculiar, in region of pit; warmth in epigastric region, extending forward over whole body, with exalted condition of brain, rush of blood to head and warmth of face, especially of cheeks. Heartburn.

Abdomen.—Retraction. Distention by gas. Flatu­lence. Bumbling. Movements and in afternoon fre­quent emission of offensive flatus, and next night, from 1 till 2 o'clock, pain in cceliac ganglia, with anx­iety and sweat. Emission, of flatus; when walking. Cutting at night. Pain ; drawing bruised, more inter­nally, . < inspiration, extending into region of liver and into chest. Feeling as before diarrhoea. Press­ure in morning as of distention from flatus. Burning ; and distention.

Heat in upper and lower (Ars., Cupr.). Coldness in upper and lower (Sec. c.). Constrictive pain below short ribs, extending into lumbar veretebrse. Pressure beneath diaphragm extending upward and downward, with tension, changing to pain in region of coeliac ganglia. Pain in hypochondria; region of coeliac ganglia, caus­ing in evening anxious sweat, it seemed as inflamma­tion would attack organs of abdomen, this irrita­bility extended to lungs and caused cough, with pain on inner surface of spine, extending upward from dia­phragm.

Scraping acrid sensation now on r., now on 1. side, sometimes posteriorly, sometimes anteriorly, approach­ing a burning and changing to a grumbling pain in region of coeliac ganglia. Cutting in umbilical region, then emission of flatus, inclination to stool and urg­ing to urinate. Pressure above umbilicus, with burn­ing. Sensation of hardness above umbilicus, with heaviness.

Hypogastrium.—Burning-sticking below anterior crest of ilium, extending to groin. Pinching in lower abdomen, especially in umbilical region. Sticking-drawing heaviness in r. side on pressure. Pain. Press­ure in 1. side. Pressure outward in groins at root of penis, as if a hernia would protrude. Drawing in 1. side, with a tensive bruised sensation. Heat.

CliltiesiJL—Colic, insatiable thirst. Vomiting, with cold sweat, great exhaustion. Internal burning in abdomen, with ex­ternal coldness.

Rectum.—Smarting. Contracted sensation on pass­ing flatus, with swollen feeling and pain. Urging to stool; with scanty stool, then violent U. and a more scanty discharge; and in abdominal cavity, in urinary and genital organs, the U. t6 urinate beginning in kidneys, extending along ureters to bladder, with drag­ging along spermatic cords to testicles and general feel­ing of turgescence in this part of the body.

Stool,—Thin, dark brown, scanty. Hard and re­tarded. Constipation-. Sour. Increased, afterwards difficult, and difficult emission of flatus?.usually before the stool. Difficult, as if peristaltic motion were di-

minished and as if rectum were contracted. Sluo-oish and incomplete. Two the first day, preceded" by griping, next day none, the third day a hard difficult one,

Clinical.—In cholera infantum, vomiting and diarrhoea sud­denly, pains, with coldness of body, etc. In Asiatic cholera in the early stage, when the stools are loose and contain fecal matter in a lafer stage with coldness, but, as a rule, with dryness of the surface of the body, with sudden suppression of the discharges and collapse (the remedy should be stopped when the patient per-spires).

Urinary Organs,—Diminished power of bladder slow micturition. Strangury. Micturition painful; M, in a thin stream; dribbling; frequent 'and difficult'• frequent, with profuse, colorless urine; almost invol­untary, then pain in urethra as from a contraction from before backward; retention of urine; with full bladder (Op.). Urging to urinate, then involuntary micturition; frequent U., also with pain in course of spermatic vessels; ineffectual U. Burning in urethra; sticking B. in urethra on urinating. Biting in posterior part of urethra when urinating, then pressure in region of bladder. Urine scanty ; U. red; dark yellow, very saturated; brown; yellowish-green, turbid, of musty odor; turbid, whitish-green; pale, odorless, con­taining sugar and mucus, but without sediment; burn­ing ; saturated, of pungent odor. Sediment red or white.

.—Excessive strangury, retention of urine (in Asiatic cholera, sometimes in poisoning by Cantharis).

Sexnal Organs.—Excitement. Weakness, with want of desire. Impotence. Painful priapism, > by urinat­ing (Canth., Terek, Phos.). Pressure in 1. side of root of penis, in groin, when standing. Sticking-itching on inner surface of prepuce. Laxity of scrotum, want of erection and want of desire, then violent erections. (Contractive sensation in testicles.) Incomplete erec­tion, with weak desire. Desire increased; with delu­sions respecting the object of embrace. Nightly emis­sions. Slight discharge of blood from vagina. Os uteri enlarged and hot. Abortion. Menses ceased; M. too profuse. Desire increased.

Cliliical.—Chordee, effects of sudden suppression of gonor-rhceal discharge, coldness, strangury, etc. Sexual excitement in women. Puerperal mania, with suppressed discharges, dryness of the surface, etc.

Eespiratory Organs. — Contractive sensation ^in larynx, as from sulphur fumes. Mucus in windpipe, making the voice husky and not removed by hacking or clearing throat. Pain in trachea and bronchi, < cough­ing, hacking and clearing throat. Suffocative dyspncea, as if from pressure in pit of stomach. Choking. Hurried respiration and labored. Short and snoring. (Inspir­ation in sleep shorter than expiration.) Oppressed, anxious, panting. Slow and shallow. I>eep and slow. Heavy, slow and difficult. Almost arrested. Impeded and feeble, apparently due to spasmodic contraction of circular fibres of trachea, whole body livid, cold, and skin feeling tensive to touch. External, laborious, 'with­out assistance of abdominal muscles: Short cough from scraping in throat. Dry, hacking cough; < forenoon.

Cliltieal*—Asthmatic attacks, with great suffocation. Vio­lent dry cough, especially in measles, with suppressed eruption, with congestion of lungs, etc. In pleuro-pneumonia, emphysema of lungs.

Chest—Stitches; in I when walking; in nipples; < L, often extending to spine; with .hacking cough, as it

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