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The Natural System of Political Economy

Translated and edited by

W.0. Henderson



W. O. Henderson
Dr. Henderson's account of the life and work of Friedrich List, the first English biography of this German economist to appear for 70 years, is based upon List's collected works and on his papers in the archives of the city of Reutlingen. In two major works — The Natural System of Political Economy and The National System of Political Economy — he attacked the theories of Adam Smith and his followers and enunciated his own doctrines of "productive powers" and stages of economic growth, and advocated the imposition of import duties to safeguard infant industries. He advocated the industrialisation of underdeveloped countries and championed the cause of the "third world" of his day. Dr. Henderson's discussion of List's eventful career in Germany, France, and the United States — as civil servant, professor, politician, and journalist — is followed by an examination of List as an economist, as a railway promoter, and as a champion of German unification. He was the driving force behind the construction of two of the earliest railways to be built in the United States and Germany. He promoted the establishment and expansion of the German customs union and he had visions of the economic expansion of Germany and Austria Hungary in central European the Balkans, and in the Near East.


The Natural

System of

Political Economy
* * * *
Translated and edited by

W.0. Henderson

Translated and edited by W. O. Henderson
Friedrich List, a leading German economist in the first half of the nineteenth century, wrote his first substantial thesis in Paris in 1839. This book, The Natural System of Political Economy, was not published until 90 years later and has now been translated into English for the first time. The book is considerably shorter than List's well known The National System of Political Economy which appeared in 1841. The importance of The Natural System lies not so much in List's advocacy of the fiscal policy of protection as in the relatively new doctrines that he put forward. While the English classical economists had examined problems concerning population, exchange-value, money, rent, and the allocation of scarce resources, List discussed stages of economic growth, "productive powers", and the industrialisation of backward regions. As the German editor of The Natural System observes: "List's most important and fundamental teachings are fully developed in this book. Above all the theory of the stages of economic growth finds full classic expression as a central theme in List's thinking ... In his treatise List frequently gives clear, systematic, and brief explanations in numbered paragraphs of his most important doctrines, which are not so clearly stated in any of his other works".
W. O. Henderson is well-known for his major contributions in the field of modern European economic history. After a first degree at Cambridge, and a doctorate at London, Dr. Henderson's university teaching career took him to Cambridge, Liverpool and Hull before the interruption of the Second World War. After the war, he joined Manchester University, where he was Reader in International Economic History until his retirement; he was also a frequent lecturer at German universities.
The Genesis of the Common Market (1962) Industrial Britain under the Regency (1968)

The Industrial Revolution on the Continent

(1961) /. C. Fisher and his Diary of Industrial England


Life of Friedrich Engels, 2 vols. (1976)

Studies in the Economic Policy of Frederick the Great (1963)

The Zollverein (1959,2nd ed. 1968)
Dr. Henderson has also written Britain & Industrial Europe (Leicester U.P., 1965), The Industrialisation of Europe 1780—1914 (Thames & Hudson, 1969) and The Rise of German Industrial Power 1834—1914 (Temple Smith, 1975), and edited Engels: Selected Writings (Penguin Books, 1967).
The Natural System of Political Economy
The Natural System

of Political Economy

Translated and edited by

W.0. Henderson


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List, Friedrich The natural system of political economy 1837.

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