Friday 17 April 10. 45 Welcome (Room 431-3)

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Conference: Polish Migrants' Experience of Life in the UK since 2004
Friday 17 April and Saturday 18 April 2015

University College London School of Slavonic and East European Studies,

16 Taviton St,

London WC1H 0BW

Friday 17 April
10.45 Welcome (Room 431-3)
11.00-13.00 Parallel sessions
Room 431-3 Social science research methods developed in recent Polish migration projects

Aleksandra Galasińska and Anna Horolets

How different methods, sites and histories of data collection inform post-enlargement migration research

Louise Ryan, Magdalena Lopez Rodriguez and Paulina Trevena

Opportunities and challenges of longitudinal qualitative research: experiences of re-interviewing Polish migrants living in the UK

Paulina Pustułka and Justyna Bell

Negotiating intersectional identities: researching Polish migrants in the United Kingdom as insiders

Room 432 Contemporary literature and film

Urszula Chowaniec

Melancholic writing or decadent vision of reality? Polish literature and art by migrants in the UK

Joanna Kosmalska

Inscribed in the Isles. Polish migrant literature in Great Britain and Ireland

Joanna Rostek

Representing transnational Identities: the (un?)changing image of UK Poles in Polish and British literary texts and films, 2004-2013

13.00-13.40 Lunch, Masaryk Senior Common Room, 4th Floor, 16 Taviton Street
13.40-15.40 Parallel sessions
431-3 Positioning vis-à-vis other UK Poles and the divided Polish ‘community’

Justyna Bell and Paulina Pustułka

Poles in the UK: the performance of multiple identities

in the migration context

Kinga Koźmińska

Polish transnational identity: a study of language ideologies of Polish young adults living and working in the UK

Richard Mole

Queering migration: visibility, identity and belonging among LGBT Poles in London and Berlin

432 Polishness and UK services

Magdalena Lopez Rodriguez

How do Polish migrant mothers create transnational capital and acquire transnational identities?

Dorota Osipovič

Conceptualisations of welfare deservingness by Polish migrants in the UK

Aneta Słowik

Counselling network ties of Polish emigrants in the UK since 2004 - manifestations of Polish and transnational identities

15.40-16.00 Tea, Masaryk Senior Common Room
16.00-18.50 Parallel sessions (with 10-minute fruit break at 17.20)
431-3 New conceptual lenses on migrants and migration

Marta Bivand Erdal and Aleksandra Lewicki

Practiced citizenship in migrants’ settlement and return considerations: Polish migrants in the UK and Norway

Kathy Burrell

Moving things: transnational materiality in the lives of Polish migrants

10-minute fruit break

Izabela Grabowska-Lusińska and Michał Garapich

Polish migrants’ experience of cultural diffusion and resistance through social remittances

Małgorzata Irek

Bringing back Homo Ludens: Polish migration to the UK seen from the perspective of informality

432 Responses to UK super-diversity

Anna Gawlewicz

Encounters with difference and redefining the national: essentialist discourses of Polishness, ‘Us’ and ‘Them’

Aleksandra Kazłowska

Social Anchoring among post-accession Polish migrants in the UK

10-minute fruit break

Łukasz Krzyżowski, Agata Lisiak and Magdalena Nowicka

Observing everyday diver/cities: Comparing Polish migrants’ perceptions of urban life in the UK and Germany

Alina Rzepnikowska

Polish migrant women’s experiences of conviviality in Manchester

Conference dinner (speakers)

Saturday 18 April
9.00-12.00 and 9.40-12.00 Parallel sessions (with coffee 10.20-10.40)
431-3 (9.00-12.00) Children’s socialisation and dual/multiple identities

Katarzyna Choluj

Mediating intimacy through parenting and home-making practices in the Polish ‘new diaspora’ in Britain

Aleksandra Kaczmarek-Day

‘I’m Polish but I live in Wales’: migrant children’s multiple identities

20-minute coffee break, Masaryk Rm

Marta Kempny

Polish parents' upbringing strategies in Northern Ireland: between bi-culturalism and assimilation

Agnieszka Małek and Dorota Praszałowicz

Educational strategies old and new: Poles and their children in the United Kingdom since WWII

432 (9.40-12.00) Migration as self-discovery: rethinking gender roles and sexual orientation

Nicholas Boston

Coming West, coming out, coming of age: gay Polish UK migrant transitions and transnationalisms

20-minute coffee break, Masaryk Rm

Ewa Duda-Mikulin

Gendered lives post migration: challenging preconceptions about home and away

Kinga Goodwin

Performance of gender, ethnicity and class by Polish women migrants living in London: an intersectional perspective

12.00-12.30 Lunch, Masaryk Senior Common Room
12.30-15.20 Parallel sessions (with 10-minute fruit break at 13.50)
431-3 Patterns and processes of settling and integrating

Barbara Janta

The impact of childbearing on Polish migrants’ settlement decisions in the United Kingdom

Julie Knight, John Lever and Andrew Thompson

Social network evolution during long-term migration: a comparison of three case studies in the South Wales region

10-minute fruit break

Lucy Ramasawmy

New and traditional migration among post-accession Polish families in Scotland: some analytic frameworks for identifying and distinguishing types of migration experience and behaviour

Louise Ryan

‘The longer I stay here, the harder it is to leave’: career projects and the gradual emplacement of Polish migrants in London

432 The significance of location

Justyna Bell

Polish migrants in Belfast - ‘the other other’?

Sean Gill

Transitions to adulthood: young Poles’ experiences of migration and life in Northumberland

10-minute fruit break

Lucy Szablewska-Smout

Wanted in North East England - the right kind of migrants.  Do Polish migrants fit the bill?

Paulina Trevena

Location, location? The significance of local and regional differences for the experiences of Polish migrants in the UK

15.20-15.40 Tea, Masaryk Senior Common Room
15.40-16.40 Concluding paper and general discussion: Polish experiences compared with those of other migrants in the UK (Paulina Trevena, Laura Morosanu, Anne White)
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