French Revolution was an eye-opener to the newly awakening nationalists of India

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Strategic Partnership : ‘Before the glittering select crowd in attendance at the French President’s traditional garden party, the Indian PM made a forceful call for further strengthening the strategic partnership that had developed between the two countries since 1998.’

Recalling the 1789 French Revolution that Bastille Day or the French National Day seeks to commemorate, Dr. Singh said :

Two hundred and twenty years ago this great city saw the emergence of powerful voice, the universal recognition of the ideals of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. These ideals have changed the course of history. Our own freedom struggle took inspiration from the French Revolution and guided the fathers of our constitution.”
Thus with the above final concluding statement the researcher would like to conclude her thesis in a final fruitful way with the hypothesis having been fully proved to the best of her ability.

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