French Revolution Assignment Sheet for Packet

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French Revolution Assignment Sheet for Packet

  • Your task is to read the booklet. The information in the booklet can also be found on the blog.

  • To earn full credit you must have thorough answers. If the questions ask you to list then you may list but if it asks for an explanation then you must have complete sentences and answers or you will not earn full credit for your answers.


    • Write your name in the upper right hand corner of your paper

    • You must write the category heading first, then the question number

    • All answers must be in ink not pencil

The Causes of the French Revolution [1]
1. List the reasons why many people in France were critical of a] the nobility; b] the King; c] the clergy.

2. Rousseau [source D] was an influential writer at this time. Along with other writers like Voltaire, he wanted France to have a more democratic form of government. Who would be most influenced by his words and why? [Remember to include extracts from the source in your answer.]

3. The pamphlet which source D came from was banned in 1775. Why do you think this was? Which members of French society would want it to be banned?

Louis tells the members of the Estates General to bring with them a list of their grievances.

Causes of the French Revolution [2]

  1. Number and define each of the following terms: Bankrupt; reform; Estates General; deputies; cahiers de doleances; national assembly; constitution; tennis court oath

  2. Name at least two reasons as to why the French Government was bankrupt.

  3. What effect did the poor harvest have on the ordinary people of France?

Tennis Court Oath
1. Read the quotations from the Estates General meeting in 1789. Using your own words, summarize what each of the members would have said.
The Revolution Begins

1. Why did the Paris mob storm the Bastille?

2. Why did the peasants burn the feudal documents?

3. List the changes brought about by the Assembly in August-September 1789.

The King and the Revolution
1. After looking at the sources A-D describe the kind of people that Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette were.

2. How did Louis show that he could not be trusted at this time?

Symbol of the Bourbon Monarchy

The Trial of the King
1. What is Louis accused of?

2. Do you think that the trial will be fair? Why or why not?

3. What defense is offered on behalf of Louis?

4. Read Louis’ answers to the charges in sources 7 and 8 again. Do you believe him? Why or why not?

The Execution of the King
1. Use the information from the trial and the execution of the King to write two articles. One article should be in support of the king and against the execution; the other should be opposed to him and in favor of the execution.

Reign of Terror
1. Explain in a paragraph or two what happened in France following the execution of King Louis.

2. What were the main causes of the “Reign of Terror”

3. Look at sources 1-5 and the information on the Committee of Public Safety. Do you think the system of Tribunals in France was fair? Explain why, give examples from the sources.

4. Do you think that Robespierre was to blame for the Terror? Support your answer with information from the sources.

Robespierre is guillotined. He is shown with piles of skulls of those who died before him during the Reign of Terror.

France in 1795 [an overview]
1. What were some of the problems facing the Directory?

2. What was done to solve the problems?

The Rise of Napoleon
1. Complete a vertical timeline from the information on the first page. Place the date on the left and then the event.

2. Look at the sources 1-4. Why do you think the French were willing to agree to an Emperor?

How did France Change Under Napoleon?
1. How did the education system under Napoleon change?

2. How did the education system under Napoleon remain the same?

3. Compare and contrast the governments of Napoleon and Louis. You may create a chart or Venn Diagram for this.

4. How did Napoleon try to restrict individual rights and freedoms?

5. What were Napoleon’s attitudes towards:

a. his role as Emperor

b. women

c. the media

d. the lower classes

6. How did Napoleon improve France’s cities and towns?

Images of the French Revolution

Clothing of the Revolution

Sans culottes

Clothing of the Nobility

Storming of the Bastille and the Parading of heads on Pikes

First French Empire at its greatest extent in 1811

██ French Empire

██ Conquered "Rebellious" States

██ Conquered "Allied" States

Abdication of an Emperor

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