French Major (13 units)

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(Rev. Feb. 2014)
French Major

(13 units)

Students who begin the major with French 100 will construct a major program in consultation with their advisor; this program will not require more than 11 units within the department nor more than 15 units total.
1) Nine (9) departmental units (200 level & above):

a) One unit of each: ____ FREN 210 (Comp & Conv), ____ FREN 215 (Adv. French Language and Composition).

b) At least one unit in French literature numbered 240 or above

c) Five elective units in French

d) One unit of ____ French 380 (Seminar).
2) Four (4) units of supporting courses. Choose one of the three options available:
a) ____ Four courses chosen from appropriate offerings in art history or history; English/Comparative Literature 190, Philosophy 110,200,205; Political Science 280 or 285; a course in German, Russian or Spanish literature (recommended).

b) ____ Double majors are encouraged, and in such cases required courses in the other majors are acceptable as supporting courses toward a major in French.

c) ____ The student may submit a proposal to the major advisor for an individual plan of courses for meeting the requirement of 4 supporting courses.

3) Majors normally spend at least one semester of study abroad in a country in which French is the common idiom. With the prior consent of the advisor, some courses completed abroad may count toward the major. Note 5 of the 9 French units must be completed on campus.

4) Majors are encouraged to live at least one semester in the French House.
Important notes:

  • Students who earned a 4 or 5 on the AP French exam may apply the one unit earned towards the French major.

  • Students who start above FREN 210 still need to complete a total of 9 units of French courses at or above the level at which they started.

  • French majors considering studying abroad should do so after completing FREN 210/ 215 and 220 or 240, whenever possible.

  • French majors must receive prior approval from their major advisor for French of the courses they intend to take for credit toward the major while studying abroad.

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