Freedom vs. Security Notes National Security

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Freedom vs. Security Notes

National Security: The duty of a government to maintain itself and protect its citizens from domestic and foreign threats. Governments use laws, economics and the military to promote national security.

Examples of nation security measures in the United States include:

Civil Liberties: The name given to the freedoms that completely protect an individual from the government. Civil Liberties place limits on the government to ensure that the government does not abuse its power and interfere with the lives of its citizens.
Common civil liberties in the United States include:

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Balancing Freedom & Security:

Forced Choice Activity
Directions: Read each of the following statements and write whether you strongly agree “SA”, agree “A”, disagree “D”, or strongly disagree “SD”. The write 2-3 sentences explaining your position.

  1. ______ Sometimes personal rights (civil liberties) must be given up in order to protect people from those who could be a danger to us all.

  1. ______ It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to fighting terrorism.

  1. _______ The government should have the right to investigate to the fullest extent any suspicious person and their activities without having to get a search warrant.

  1. ______ Civil liberties are a very important part of our country – that’s why the United States is called “the land of the free”. We need to make sure that the government does not take away any of our freedoms.

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