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Instructor: Mr. Tim Turner


  1. Who are you

  1. American vs. U.S. Citizen

  2. Contracts and how you became a U.S. Citizen

  1. United States of America

  1. Sovereignty - A nation of kings upon their land

  2. Constitution - A trust document

  1. The United States Corporation

  1. Who really Rules America

  2. Jurisdiction of the Corporation

  3. Corporations within the Corporation United States

  4. Lobbyists in Washington D.C.

  5. Who owns Washington D.C.

  1. Republic vs. Democracy

  1. What is a Republic

  2. What is a Democracy

  1. Freedom vs. Socialism

  1. Public School System

  2. Taxes - Lawful or Unlawful

  3. Homeland Security

  4. Presidential Executive Orders

  1. The Constitution vs. Corporate law

  1. Lawful vs. Legal

  2. The Law of the Land

  3. Equity vs. Admiralty

  4. Contract Law

  5. He Who Writes The Contract Wins

  6. Elements of a Contract, Offer, Acceptance, Consideration, Full Disclosure, Legal Signature, Acquiescence

  7. UCC, USC, Statutes, Regulations and Ordinances

  8. 1938 the Law Merchant was taken out of Common Law and placed under equity in the courts. This changed the system of pleas to a confession or avoidance instead of one of Demurrer so that the evidence in Law could be excluded from a case at the Judge’s will. This was accomplished by changing the Laws by the Federal Reserve Act and the Income Tax Laws.

  9. The United Nations Treaty “Atlantic Charter” Articles 55 and 56 converted our, God Given Unalienable rights into “Privileges and Immunities” giving us limited liability as corporations in commerce.

  1. 2

  1. The Role of the Church

  1. Welfare Programs and the Church

  2. 501(c)(3)Incorporation of the Church

  3. Politics and the Church

  4. The Church and Guidance of our Government

  5. Political Candidates and the Church

  1. Is our Nation a Christian Nation

  1. Immorality in the Church

  2. The goddess Gaia Religion

  3. If the Christians don’t change America, who will

  1. The Return of Christ

  1. The Signs of the Times

  2. The last generation

  3. The New World Order

  4. Will Christians see the Antichrist

  5. Are You and Your Family Prepared?

  1. Bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES

  1. When did it happen and why

  2. Who Owes the National Debt

  3. Recall of the Gold

  4. Who Owns the Gold

  5. Federal Reserve System

  6. What is Money

  7. Interstate Commerce Act of 1887 gave private entities the power to use the Federal Government to create laws that would enrich private corporations.

  8. We the People are considered Commercial Merchants simply because we use Federal Reserve Notes, Promissory notes and checks. This makes us responsible for the laws of equity in today’s courts.

  9. On March 18, 1968, the laws were changed to make Federal Reserve Notes “Legal Tender” instead of “Lawful Money”.

  1. The Wealth of the American People

  1. Collateral for the National Debt

  2. Natural resources and who they belong to

  3. Natural Resources and the Environmental Movement

  4. Department of Human Resources

  5. Birth Certificates Sold

  1. Your Treasury Account

  1. Social Security Trust Indenture

  2. How the Account is Funded

  3. How to Access the Account

  4. What the Account Can be Used for

  1. The Process

  1. Types of Bonds

  2. Charging Your Account

  3. Bond Orders

  4. Appointing a Fiduciary Agent



    1. Table of Contents

    2. Instructions -- Recording & Mailing Procedures

C. UCC-1 Financing Statement & Addendum

D. Attachment “A” - Property List

E. Power of Attorney

F. Commercial Security Agreement

G. Indemnity Bond & Notice of Lien

H. Hold Harmless and Indemnity Agreement

I. Non-Negotiable Security Agreement

J. Legal Notice and Demand & Definitions

K. Affidavit of Political Status

L. Archetype - Act of State (for an Apostille)


A. Table of Contents

B. Instructions A & B: Recording & Mailing Procedures

C. Affidavit of Notary Presentment (for Treasury Packet)

D. Cover Letter – Pre-Offset Notice for Balanced Book Adjustment

E. Charge Back Order

F. Fiduciary Appointments (3)

G. IRS Form 56 (3)

H. IRS Form 1040-V

I. Actual and Constructive Notice

J. Non-Negotiable International Bill of Exchange

SECTION 3 (Bonds & Note)

  1. Table of Contents

  2. Instructions A & B: Recording & Mailing Procedures

  3. Affidavit of Notary Presentment (Indemnity Bond and Offset & Discharge Bond)

  4. Private Registered Bond for Setoff (Birth Certificate Bond)

  5. Private Registered Indemnity Bond

  6. Private Registered Offset and Discharge Bond

  7. Registered Bonded Promissory Note

SECTION 4 (Enforcement Documents, Forms, & Information)

A. Table of Contents

B. Affidavit of Notary Presentment

C. Affidavit of Negative Averment, Opportunity to Cure, and Counterclaim

D. First, Second, Third Notices of Fault / Default

E. Notice of Final Determination and Judgment in Nihil Dicit

F. Notary Affidavit of Non-Response

G. Maritime Lien

H. IRS Form 3949-A

I. IRS Form 4490 Proof of Claim

SECTION 5 (Forms & Publications)

A. Table of Contents

B. Presidential Executive Orders

C. STRAWMAN / Real Man Terminology

D. Affidavit of Recording – Witnesses / County Recording

F. Affidavit of Recording – Notary / County Recording

G. Stamps (2 pages)

H. Agency Mailing List - Instructions

I. Names and Addresses / Labels Pages (4 pages)














  11. ARCHETYPE – ACT OF STATE (the only 8½ x 14” document)



1. From the master disk doc, begin by making a “saved as” copy in “red, enter your personal data, remove all blue instructions, print it out on copy paper, double-check all for accuracy, & make corrections. Then make a “saved as” copy in “black,” highlight the entire document, go to “Format, Font, Font Color (click on black), OK,” and all the red in your entire document will be replaced with black. Print on bond.

2. All STRAWMAN “signatures” are hand printed, CAPITAL letters (same size), WET-BLUE INK ONLY!!!

3. All, but 1 doc, are printed on one side of paper only: all on 8 ½ x 11”, except Act of State on 8 ½ x 14.

4. Tim prefers to print all docs on 32 lb., 100% cotton, ivory, watermarked bond paper by LASER printer.

5. The Real Man MUST have c/o before the street address in the following UCC1 doc.

1. Record the UCC1 Financing Statement, Addendum, and Property List with any Secretary of State UCC office in the country (usually at your State capitol, but some states, like Arizona, have Sec’t. of State satellite offices). For most States the UCC recording is at the State level, but in Georgia, for instance, it is done at the County level.
2. Get the Act of State apostilled if at all possible and financially feasible (minimum 2 copies; 3 is best to have a back-up if inexpensive). This is usually done at your State UCC office ($1 - $10). An apostille verifies the validity of the Notary Public who notarized your Act of State. The Notary and apostille State need to be the same State. United Kingdom is the country for the apostille, but from experience and from the author of the document, neither the Act of State nor the apostille will mention the words United Kingdom. The final word on this is still to come. Not “required,” but highly recommended if you can get it.
3. Record all Section 1 documents in a County Public Record. If asked what it is, it’s a “30-some page Affidavit” (of Political Status, but less is best) for the Miscellaneous Index of the Public Record. This is not a court record, but in some counties in the country, the County Clerk of Courts records everything from land deeds to miscellaneous Public Record docs for the general public record. Usually it’ll be the County Clerk or possibly the Registrar of Deeds (but usually they only record legal land description docs).

A. If there is no controversy and it is financially feasible, you can mail or walk the Section 1 documents in to your local country recording office and you will receive a Liber # (Book & Page #). If you believe there to be some difficulty, or you need a top page with a 3” space at the top for the County’s stamp/recording info., then use the Affidavit of Political Status as the cover page for the Section 1 packet.

B. Optional: Record the Section 1 docs with (online / cyber space). You must send original, wet-ink signature docs in the mail. They will be returned to you. Never include the Affidavit of Political Status in the docs for the online recording. Then record an Affidavit of Recording (in Section 5 of this manual – Forms & Publications) with your local county recording office giving notice of having recorded the Section 1 docs for public record with the National Republic Registry or a county other than your resident county. You will receive a Liber # / Recording / Book-Page# with that Affidavit. You will use that Liber # in Section 2 documents.

Comments/Suggestions re these instructions – email Donna at

Remember: Mr. T. F. Geithner, United States Secretary of the Treasury, will only accept original or certified copies of Section 1 and only original wet-ink signature documents for all other sections.


1. (Lots of written instructions supporting the docs)

(See the “Resources” section of this website for additional ACBF resources.)

2. (Seminar Audios)

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3. (On-line, internet Public Record Registry as

an option for your County Recording of Section 1 documents)

4. (Main website of Tim’s Seminar Schedule & more)

All of the property listed in this Property List is protected by all terms, conditions, and agreements contained in all the documents recorded herein.

  1. All proceeds from Secured Party's labor from every source; from products, accounts, fixtures, crops, mine heads, wellheads, and transmitting utilities, etc.;

  2. All rents, wages, earnings, remuneration, and income from every source;

  3. All land in which DEBTOR has an interest, including the soil itself; all minerals atop or beneath the soil surface; all air rights; all waters on or in the soil or land surface such as a lake or pond, within the land boundaries;

  4. All real property and all documents involving all real property in which DEBTOR has an interest, including all buildings, structures, fixtures, and appurtenances situated on or affixed thereto, as noted in #3 above;

  5. All cottages, cabins, houses, mansions, and buildings of whatever type and wherever located;

  6. All bank accounts foreign and domestic, bank “safety” deposit boxes and the contents therein; personal security codes, passwords, and the like associated therewith; credit card accounts, mutual fund accounts, certificates of deposit accounts, checking accounts, savings accounts, retirement plan accounts, stocks, bonds, securities, and benefits from trusts;

  7. All inventory from any source;

  8. All machinery, either farm or industrial; all mechanical tools, construction tools, tools of trade;

  9. All boats, yachts, and watercraft; and all equipment, accoutrements, baggage, and cargo affixed or pertaining thereto or stowed therein, inter alia: all motors, engines, ancillary equipment, accessories, parts, tools, instruments, electronic equipment, navigation aids, service equipment, lubricants, fuels, and fuel additives;

  10. All aircraft, gliders, balloons, and all equipment, accoutrements, baggage, and cargo affixed or pertaining thereto or stowed therein, inter alia: all motors, engines, ancillary equipment, accessories, parts, tools, instruments, electronic equipment, navigation aids, service equipment, lubricants, fuels, and fuel additives;

  11. All motor homes, trailers, mobile homes, recreational vehicles, houses, cargo, and travel trailers; and all equipment, accoutrements, baggage, and cargo affixed or pertaining thereto or stowed therein, inter alia: all ancillary equipment, accessories, parts, service equipment, lubricants, fuels, and fuel additives;

  12. All animals and all farm livestock; and all things required for the care, feeding, use, transportation, and husbandry thereof;

  13. All pets, including cats, dogs, birds, fish, or whatever other of the animal kingdom has been gifted or otherwise acquired: whether kept indoors or outdoors; with all fixtures, vehicles, and housings required for their protection, feeding, care, transportation, shelter, and whatever other needs may arise;

  14. All vehicles, autos, trucks, four-wheel vehicles, trailers, wagons, motorcycles, bicycles, tricycles, wheeled conveyances of any kind, motorized or otherwise, in which DEBTOR has an interest;

  15. All computers, computer-related equipment and accessories, flash drives, electronically stored files or data, telephones, electronic equipment, office equipment and machines;

  16. All visual reproduction systems, aural reproduction systems, motion pictures, films, video tapes, audio tapes, sound tracks, compact discs, DVDs, ipods, digital audio/video players, phonograph records and players, film, slides and projectors, photography and video and aural production equipment, cameras, projectors, tape recorders, cassette players, etc.;

  17. All manuscripts, books, booklets, pamphlets, treatises, treatments, monographs, stories, written material, libraries, plays, screenplays, lyrics, songs, music;

  18. All books and financial records of DEBTOR;

  19. All trademarks, registered marks, copyrights, patents, proprietary data and technology, inventions, intellectual property, royalties, good will;

  20. All public or private scholastic degrees, titles, credentials, medals, trophies, honors, awards, recognitions, meritorious citations, certificates from apprenticeship training and/or continuing education programs, etc., from whatever source, for whatever trade, occupation, work, or endeavor;

  21. All military (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine, National Guard, etc.) discharge papers, and the like;

  22. All records, diaries, journals, photographs, negatives, transparencies, images, video footage, film footage, drawings, sound records, audio tapes, video tapes, computer production or storage of all kinds whatsoever;

  23. All fingerprints, footprints, palm prints, thumbprints, RNA materials, DNA materials, genes, blood fractions, biopsies, surgically removed tissue, bodily parts, organs, hair, teeth, nails, semen, urine, other bodily fluids or matter, voice-print, retinal images, and the descriptions thereof; and all other corporal identification factors, and said factors’ physical counterparts in any form; and all records, record numbers, and information pertaining thereto;

  24. All biometric data, records, information, and processes not elsewhere described; the use thereof and the use of the information contained therein or pertaining thereto;

  25. All rights to obtain, use, request, refuse, or authorize the administration of any food, beverage, nourishment, or water, or any substance to be infused or injected into or affecting the body by any means whatsoever;

  26. All rights to obtain, use, request, refuse, or authorize the administration of any drug, manipulation, material, process, procedure, ray, or wave which alters or might alter the present or future state of the body, mind, spirit, free will, faculties, and self by any means, method, or process whatsoever;

  27. All keys, locks, lock combinations, encryption codes or keys, safes, secured places, and security devices, security programs, software, user names, passwords, machinery, or devices related thereto;

  28. All rights to access and use utilities upon payment of the same unit costs as the comparable units of usage offered to most-favored customers, inter alia: cable, electricity, garbage, gas, internet, satellite, sewage, telephone, water, and all other methods of communication, energy transmission, and food or water distribution;

  29. All rights to barter, buy, contract, sell, or trade ideas, products, services, or work;

  30. All rights to barter, buy, contract, sell, or trade any kind of asset, tool, item of value, time, property whatsoever without any requirement to apply for or obtain any government license, permit, certificate, or permission of any kind whatsoever;

  31. All rights to create, invent, adopt, utilize, or promulgate any system or means of currency, private money, medium of exchange, coinage, barter, economic exchange, bookkeeping, record-keeping, and the like;

  32. All rights to use any free, rented, leased, fixed, or mobile domicile, as though same were a permanent domicile; and to be free from requirement to apply for or obtain any government license or permission, permit and otherwise; and to be free from entry, intrusion, or surveillance, by any means, regardless of duration of lease period;

  33. All rights to manage, maneuver, direct, guide, or travel in any form of automobile or motorized conveyance whatsoever without any requirement to apply for or obtain any government license, permit, certificate, registration, or permission of any kind whatsoever;

  34. All rights to marry and procreate children, and to rear, educate, train, guide, and spiritually enlighten any such children, without any requirement to apply for or obtain any government license, permit, certificate, any vaccinations, or permission of any kind whatsoever;

  35. All rights to buy, sell, trade, grow, raise, gather, hunt, trap, angle, and store food, fiber, and raw materials for shelter, clothing, and survival;

  36. All rights to protect myself and my family from any animals that threaten my/our safety or well being, or that cause a nuisance to me/us, by using deadly force against any such animals;

  37. All rights to exercise dominion over the earth and the resources of the earth including, but not limited to, using mineral and natural resources, timber, water, and harvesting animals for food;

  38. All rights, interest, and exclusive title in CERTIFICATE OF BIRTH FILE # 123456-789, YourBirthdate Month 15, 1960, issued by STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND VITAL RECORDS SECTION, instilling the pledge represented by the same pignus, hypotheca, hereditaments, res, the energy and all products derived therefrom including, but not limited to all caps name JOHN LEE DOE, JOHN DOE, JOHN L. DOE, J. DOE, or J. L. DOE, or any other derivative thereof;

  39. All rights as outlined in the "Constitution for the united States of America" and the Honorable "Bill of Rights";

  40. All rights to exercise freedom of religion, worship, use of sacraments, spiritual practice, and expression without any abridgement of free speech, or the right to publish, or the right to peaceably assemble, or the right to petition government for redress of grievances, or the right to petition any military force of the United States for physical protection from threats to the safety and integrity of person or property by either “public” or “private” sources;

  41. All rights to purchase arms and ammunition, keep and bear arms for defense of self, family, and parties entreating physical protection of person or property;

  42. All rights to keep and bear arms for hunting, self-protection, protection of family, friends, and property, and target shooting of any kind;

  43. All rights to create, preserve, and maintain inviolable, spiritual sanctuary and receive into same any and all parties requesting safety and shelter;

  44. All rights to create, carry, and use private documents of travel of any kind whatsoever, inter alia: those signifying diplomatic status and immunity as a free, independent Sovereign;

  45. All rights to make video and/or audio recordings, reports and documents of all interactions between me or mine, and any government or quasi-government officials of any kind whatsoever including the right to bring all necessary video/audio recording equipment and necessary assistants and witnesses into government buildings as necessary;

  46. All rights to obtain or be presented with a certified copy of the Oath of Office, bond number, and bonding company’s name, address, and contact information of/for any government official with whom I interact;

  47. All claims of ownership or certificates of title to the corporeal and incorporeal hereditaments, hereditary succession, and all innate aspects of being, i.e., body, mind, spirit, free will, faculties, and self;

  48. All rights to privacy and security in person and property, inter alia: all rights to safety and security of all household or sanctuary dwellers or guests, and all papers and effects belonging to DEBTOR or any household or sanctuary dwellers or guests, from governmental, quasi-governmental, de facto governmental, or private intrusion, detainer, entry, seizure, search, surveillance, trespass, assault, summons, or warrant, except with proof of superior claim duly filed in the Commercial Registry by any such intruding party in the private capacity of such intruding party, notwithstanding whatever purported authority, warrant, order, law, or color of law may be promulgated as the authority for any such intrusion, detainer, entry, seizure, search, surveillance, trespass, assault, summons, or warrant;

  49. All names used and all Corporations Sole executed and filed, or to be executed and filed, under said names;

  50. All intellectual property, inter alia: all speaking and writing;

  51. All thoughts, beliefs, world views, emotions, psychology, etc.;

  52. All signatures and seals;

  53. All signatures on all applications for and all value associated with all licenses foreign and domestic;

  54. All present and future retirement incomes, commissions, compensation, and the fruits of my labor, and rights to such incomes, commissions, compensation, and the fruits of my labor issuing from all accounts and trusts;

  55. All present and future medical and healthcare rights; and rights owned through survivorship, from all accounts;

  56. All applications, filings, correspondence, information, images, identifying marks, image licenses, travel documents, materials, permits, registrations, and records and records numbers held by any entity, for any purpose, however acquired, as well as the analyses and uses thereof, and any use of any information and images contained therein, regardless of creator, method, location, process, or storage form, inter alia: all processed algorithms analyzing, classifying, comparing, compressing, displaying, identifying, processing, storing, or transmitting said applications, filings, correspondence, information, images, identifying marks, image licenses, travel documents, materials, permits, registrations, records and records numbers, and the like;

  57. All signatures on all applications for and all value associated with all library cards;

  58. All credit, charge, and debit cards, mortgages, notes, applications, card numbers, and associated records and information;

  59. All credit of DEBTOR;

  60. All signatures on and all value associated with all traffic citations/tickets;

  61. All signatures on and all value associated with all parking citations/tickets;

  62. All value from all court cases and all judgments, past, present, and future, in any court whatsoever; and all bonds, orders, warrants, and other matters attached thereto or derived therefrom;

  63. All precious metals, bullion, coins, jewelry, precious jewels, semi-precious stones, mounts; and any storage boxes, receptacles, and depositories within which said items are stored;

  64. All tax correspondence, filings, notices, coding, record numbers, all benefit from social security account # PARTIALSS#WITHDASHES / example: 123-45-XXXX; and any information contained therein, wherever and however located, and no matter by whom said information was obtained, compiled, codified, recorded, stored, analyzed, processed, communicated, or utilized;

  65. All bank accounts foreign and domestic, all brokerage accounts, stocks, bonds, certificates of deposit, drafts, futures, insurance policies, investment, securities, all retirement plan accounts, Individual Retirement Accounts, money market accounts, mutual funds, notes, options, puts, calls, pension plans, savings accounts, stocks, warrants, securities, benefits from trusts, 401Ks, and the like;

  66. All accounts, deposits, escrow accounts, lotteries, overpayments, prepayments, prizes, rebates, refunds, returns, Treasury Direct Accounts, claimed and unclaimed funds; and all records and records numbers, correspondence, and information pertaining thereto or derived therefrom;

  67. All stockpiles, collections, buildups, amassment, and accumulations, however small, of Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs), gold certificates, silver certificates; and all other types and kinds of cash, coins, currency, and money delivered into possession of Secured Party;

  68. All drugs, herbs, medicine, medical supplies, cultivated plants, growing plants, inventory, ancillary equipment, supplies, propagating plants, and seeds; and all related storage facilities and supplies;

  69. All fitness and/or sports equipment intended to increase vitality, fitness, and health; and whole food complexes, vitamin, mineral, and other supplements to the diet for the same health and fitness purposes; and all juicers, grinders, dehydrators, and storage and delivery devices or equipment;

  70. All products of and for agriculture; and all equipment, inventories, supplies, contracts, and accoutrements involved in the planting, tilling, harvesting, processing, preservation, and storage of all products of agriculture;

  71. All plants and shrubs, trees, fruits, vegetables, farm and garden produce, indoors and out, watering devices, fertilizers and fertilizing equipment, pots, collections of plants, e.g., bonsai, dry or live assortments of flowers and plants, or anything botanical;

  72. All farm, lawn, and irrigation equipment, accessories, attachments, hand tools, implements, service equipment, parts, supplies, and storage sheds and contents;

  73. All fuel, fuel tanks, containers, and involved or related delivery systems;

  74. All metal-working, woodworking, and other such machinery; and all ancillary equipment, accessories, consumables, power tools, hand tools, inventories, storage cabinets, tool boxes, work benches, shops, and facilities;

  75. All camping, fishing, hunting, and sporting equipment; and all special clothing, materials, supplies, and baggage related thereto;

  76. All storage units, safes, rifles, guns, bows, crossbows, other weapons, and related accessories; and the ammunition, reloading equipment and supplies, projectiles, and integral components thereof;

  77. All radios, televisions, communication equipment, receivers, transceivers, transmitters, antennas, towers, etc.; and all ancillary equipment, supplies, computers, software programs, wiring, and related accoutrements and devices;

  78. All power-generating machines or devices; and all storage, conditioning, control, distribution, wiring, and ancillary equipment pertaining to or attached thereto;

  79. All devices, engines, fixtures, fans, plans needed for the production or storage of electrical energy;

  80. All computers and computer systems and the information contained therein; as well as all ancillary equipment, printers, and data compression or encryption devices, processes, and processors;

  81. All office and engineering equipment, furniture, ancillary equipment, drawings tools, electronic and paper files, and items related thereto;

  82. All water wells and well-drilling equipment; and all ancillary equipment, chemicals, tools, and supplies;

  83. All shipping, storing, and cargo containers, and all chassis, truck trailers, vans, and the contents thereof; whether on-site, in transit, or in storage anywhere;

  84. All building materials and prefabricated buildings; and all components or materials pertaining thereto, before or during manufacture, transportation, storage, building, erection, or vacancy while awaiting occupancy thereof;

  85. All communications and data; and the methods, devices, and forms of information storage and retrieval, and the products of any such stored information;

  86. All artwork and supplies, paintings, etchings, photographic art, lithographs, and serigraphs, etc.; and all frames and mounts pertaining to or affixed thereto;

  87. All food; and all devices, tools, equipment, vehicles, machines, and related accoutrements involved in food preservation, preparation, growth, transport, and storage;

  88. All construction machinery; and all ancillary equipment, fuels, fuel additives, supplies, materials, and service equipment pertaining thereto;

  89. All medical, dental, optical, prescription, and insurance records, records numbers, and information contained in any such records or pertaining thereto;

  90. The Last Will and Testament from any source;

  91. All inheritances gotten or to be gotten;

  92. All wedding bands and rings, watches, and jewelry;

  93. All household goods and appliances, linen, wardrobe, toiletries, furniture, kitchen utensils, cutlery, tableware, cooking utensils, pottery, collectibles, collections, antiques, etc.;

  94. All musical instruments, whether new or old, including brass, woodwinds, percussion, strings, etc.;

  95. All children’s toys, books, clothing, playthings, and possessions of any type or amount;

  96. All businesses, corporations, companies, trusts, partnerships, limited partnerships, organizations, proprietorships, and the like, now owned or hereafter acquired; and all books and records thereof and therefrom; all income, commissions, compensation, and the fruits of my labor therefrom; and all accessories, accounts, equipment, information, inventory, money, spare parts, and computer software pertaining thereto;

  97. All ownership, equity, property, and rights to property now owned or held or hereafter acquired in all businesses, corporations, companies, partnerships, limited partnerships, organizations, proprietorships, and the like; and all books and records pertaining thereto; all income therefrom; and all accessories, accounts, equipment, information, inventory, money, spare parts, and computer software pertaining thereto;

  98. All packages, parcels, envelopes, or labels of any kind whatsoever which are addressed to, or intended to be addressed to, DEBTOR or natural man/woman Secured Party, whether received or not received;

  99. All telephone numbers;

  100. All signatures on all applications for and all value associated with all certificates of birth documents of the natural man/woman Secured Party, and all said documents themselves;

  101. All signatures on all applications for and all value associated with all certificates of birth documents of all children and grandchildren of the natural man/woman Secured Party, and all said documents themselves;

  102. All signatures on all applications for social security numbers, and all value associated with all accounts, PARTIALSS#WITHDASHES / example: 123-45-XXXX;




  1. All value associated with the private contract trust account number of the natural man/woman Secured Party: PartialSS#NoDashes / example: 12345XXXX;

  2. All value associated with the private contract trust account numbers of all children and grandchildren of the natural man/woman Secured Party: (remember, all is optional). List any or all Children and/or Grandchildren who are under Legal Age, in their Real Man’s Full Name, followed by the following info after each child’s name: 1their partial SS#NoDashes if you have it & want to include it, or the words “SocialSecurityNumber” (no dashes or quotes) to represent that their RM has one; the words “Birth Certificate” followed by the child’s birth State (Listing the State is Optional); the full or partial Date of Birth (Example 0X-2X-20XX); (Separate entries by commas & each child’s name & info by a semi-colon with the next child or put each on a separate line.) You can also list adults over age 18 if you are their documented legal guardian; Example:

Susie Ann Cumberland, SocialSecurityNumber, Birth Certificate, 0X-2X-20XX;

  1. All signatures on all applications for and all value associated with Driver License #: PartialDriverLicenseNumber(leave off last 4) - DRIVERLICENSESTATE;

  2. All signatures on all applications for and all value associated with County County Sheriff’s Office Concealed Weapon Permit #: example: 52-345;

  3. All signatures on all applications for and all value associated with all passports for the natural man/woman Secured Party and his/her children and grandchildren;

  4. All documents as recorded in the public record by and for the natural man/woman Secured Party as indicated herein;

  5. All signatures on all applications for and all value associated with all marriage licenses;

  6. All private marriage contracts;

  7. All signatures on all applications for and all value associated with all professional licenses;

  8. All signatures on all applications for and all value associated with all notary licenses, and all notary stamps, embossers and seals used in performing the function of a notary;

  9. All private addresses of the natural man/woman Secured Party as indicated herein;

  10. All signatures on all applications for and all value associated with all public addresses;

  11. All private, registered, bond/account numbers; and all bonds and notes tendered to any and all entities, including the Department of the Treasury, banks, creditors, corporations, etc;

  12. The following United States Postal Service Registered Mail Numbers: EXAMPLE: List RB 373 098 001 US, RB 373 098 005 US, RB 373 098 009 US, RB 373 098 013 US, RB 373 098 017 US, RB 373 098 021 US, OR list the numbers in columns and use the Tab Key for spacing. This is a neater look for all the numbers (but optional), if you do 30 or 40. You need a minimum of 5 numbers, but the final count of Registered Mail Numbers is up to you. If you ever use up all the numbers you enter on your Property List, then you would need to attach more via a UCC3 Amendment someday.

  13. The following Bond/Account number series: XXXIB0001 to XXXIB9999 (X = your initials) inclusive;

  14. The following Bond/Account number series: XXXOB0001 to XXXOB9999 (X = your initials) inclusive;

  15. The following Bond/Account number series: XXXBPN001 to XXXBPN999 (X = your initials) inclusive;

  16. Any and all property not specifically listed, named, or specified by make, model, serial number, etc., is expressly herewith included as collateral of the natural man/woman Secured Party.

NOTE OF INFORMATION (DELETE FOR FINAL COPY): Enter additional numbering between items #113--#114 or between #118 and #119 and then re-number the list, for any other property not covered, that you may want to include. This would include any real estate legal land description (which could be a page in itself, or more, depending on the land description, how many parcels of land you have or want to include), etc. Leave # 119 as THE LAST ITEM in your list, no matter how many other items you may include, just re-number it to be the last number.

REMEMBER: This Property List is YOURS! You can add and/or delete accordingly, but the recommendation is that if there are items already listed that don’t affect you today, leave them included in their generic form because you never know if it will be part of your life someday into the future. Regarding things like a marriage certificate, children, grandkids, etc., if you don’t have this “property” at this time, then, again, the suggestion is to leave it in the list in its generic form because the old adage is, “Never say never!” My mom got married her 2nd time at age 82 . . . She was married almost 11 years before her death! You never know!!!

ATTENTION: Delete all INSTRUCTIONS in blue and red throughout this document before you print out the red-highlighted version for review of your substituted, personal info. Then create a “Final in Black” file (File, Save As) BEFORE you highlight the entire document and hit the “change all to black” button! You do NOT want to leave any red or blue instruction info in your doc. That includes this paragraph and all blue and red above. You DO want to keep both your red highlighted and all black file copies in case you ever need to “go back” & check/review something. AND, IF I WAS PAYING SOMEONE to do my docs, I would definitely/absolutely want a flash drive (& a disk - optional) so I have a computer-accessible copy of all my red-highlighted & final black printed-out docs! ! ! If I was the typist, I would absolutely provide a “READ ONLY” disk to the customer as a safety net of my work for them.
End of Attachment “A” – Property List

LS: ___________________________________________

John Lee Doe, Secured Party Creditor Date


Grant of Exclusive Power Of Attorney to Conduct All Tax, Business and Legal Affairs of Grantor

1) I, JOHN LEE DOE, DEBTOR and GRANTOR, at STRAWMANADDRESS, STRAWMANCITY, STRAWMANSTATE, STRAWMANZIPCODE, do hereby appoint, John Lee Doe, Secured Party Creditor, and Grantee, and attorney in fact, c/o RealManAddress, RealManCity, RealManState, Republic; near [RealManZipCode], Non-Domestic without the US, as my Private attorney in fact, to take exclusive charge of, manage, and conduct all of my tax, business and legal affairs, settle debts, make purchases, etc., and for such purpose to act for me in my name and place, without limitation on the powers necessary to carry out this exclusive Power of Attorney in fact as authorized:

  1. To take possession of, hold, and manage my real estate and all other property;

  1. To receive money or property paid or delivered to me from any source;

  1. To deposit funds into, make withdrawals from, or sign checks or drafts against any account standing in my name individually or jointly in any bank or other depository, to cash coupons, bonds, or certificates of deposits to endorse checks, notes or other documents in my name; to have access to, and to place items in or remove them from, any safety deposit box standing in my name individually, and otherwise to conduct bank transactions or business for me in my name;

  1. To pay my just debts and expenses, including reasonable expenses incurred by my attorney in fact, John Lee Doe, in exercising this exclusive power of attorney;

  1. To retain any investments, invest, and to invest in stocks, bonds or other securities, or in real estate or other property;

  1. To give general and special proxies or exercise rights of conversion or rights with respect to shares or securities, to deposit shares or securities with, or transfer them to protective committees or similar bodies, to join in any reorganization and pay assessments or subscriptions called for in connection with shares or securities;

  1. To sell, exchange, lease, give options, and make contracts concerning real estate or other property for such considerations and on such terms as my attorney in fact, John Lee Doe, may consider prudent;

  1. To improve or develop real estate, to construct, alter, or repair building structures and appurtenances or real estate; to settle boundary lines, easements, and other rights with respect to real estate; to plant, cultivate, harvest, and sell or otherwise dispose of crops and timber, and do all things necessary or appropriate to good husbandry;

  1. To provide for the use, maintenance, repair, security, or storage of my tangible property;

  1. To purchase and maintain such policies of insurance against liability, fire, casualty, or other risks as my attorney in fact, John Lee Doe, may consider prudent.

2) The Secured Party Creditor, John Lee Doe, named herein and on the Form UCC-1 recorded with the SECRETARY OF STATE of YOUR UCC RECORDING STATE, is authorized by law to act for and in control of the DEBTOR, JOHN LEE DOE,, JOHN L DOE, JOHN DOE, or any derivative thereof. In addition, John Lee Doe has the exclusive power of attorney to contract for all business and legal affairs of JOHN LEE DOE ,PARTIALSS#WITHDASHES, DEBTOR.

3) The term “exclusive” shall be construed to mean that while this power of attorney is in force, only my attorney in fact may obligate me in these matters, and I forfeit the capacity to obligate myself with regard to same. This grant of Exclusive Power is Irrevocable during the lifetime of John Lee Doe...

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