Free at Last, Free at Last

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Free at Last, Free at Last.
I write this partially tongue in cheek. Finally, after almost one and a half years of work, development, testing, re-testing, and software revisions, our new feature/web site www.Padzilla.Com is done, up and ready for your use. Tenant screening in Maine is now, forever, free at last!
However, those words carry more import than I afford them above, and so let me shift gears, and offer you a special Tip this month.
Many of you will recognize these stirring words- Free at Last, Free at Last- as quoted by Dr. Martin Luther King. They are a part of the last passage from his 1963 “I have a Dream Speech” at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.
My tip for all this month is to go visit the text of that wonderful speech. You can find this remarkable piece of oratory at, both the text and a video file, but I commend to you the actual text version. While many have heard and will recognize snippets of this famous speech, I would predict most Americans, if polled, would admit they have never engaged the whole text, never read it “cover to cover”, so to speak.
What can one person do to make a difference in the world? Go read this one speech, and you will never ask that question again. Reflect on Dr. King’s world of 1963, and savor how far we have come because he asked us to, because he challenged us to do better. And, as you ponder the changes in our world since 1963, you will surely see how one person did make a difference.
Have a great summer!
Tim Murphy


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