Frederick Winslow Taylor

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Frederick Winslow Taylor
Fascinating facts about Frederick Winslow Taylor inventor of Scientific Business Management in 1894.

Taylor, Frederick Winslow (1856-1915), American industrial engineer, who originated scientific management in business. He was born in Germantown (now part of Philadelphia), Pennsylvania. In 1878, he began working at the Midvale Steel Company. He became foreman of the steel plant and applied himself to studies in the measurement of industrial productivity.  Taylor developed detailed systems intended to gain maximum efficiency from both workers and machines in the factory.  These systems relied on time and motion studies, which help determine the best methods for performing a task in the least amount of time.  In 1898 he became joint discoverer of the Taylor-White process, a method of tempering steel. Taylor served as consulting engineer for several companies. His management methods were published in The Principles of Management.



The Principles of Scientific Management
Frederick Winslow Taylor / Paperback: 76 pages / Dover Pubns (January 1998)
The One Best Way: Frederick Winslow Taylor and the Enigma of Efficiency (Limited Availability)
Robert Kanigel / Hardcover - 656 pages / Viking Press - 1997
Frederick W. Taylor: The Father of Scientific Management : Myth and Reality (Limited Availability)
Charles Wrege, Ronald Greenwood / Hardcover - 286 pages / Irwin Professional Pub. (1991)


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Frederick Winslow Taylor The Principles of Scientific Management
Student paper provided by Eric Eldred.
Frederick Taylor University
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Frederick Winslow Taylor
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Frederick Winslow Taylor Collection (Information removed from Web site.)
In 1933, Stevens Institute of Technology held a Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration of the Graduation of Frederick Winslow Taylor. (URL:


"In tomorrows enterprise the knowledge worker will be freed to release creative energy that will result in an era of enormous innovation and discovery, fulfilling the potential and promise of the mind." - Frederick Winslow Taylor

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