Frankenstein Project You will be assigned chapters to teach from the novel

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-At least two visual aids; one of which is either in the form of Microsoft Power Point/Prezi or Publisher (1 for your researched topic and 1 for your class discussion)

- One piece of school and novel appropriate music not to exceed 4 min. in length (could incorporate into Power Point Presentation. Lyrics must be printed out and submitted ahead of time or you will not be permitted to present your song).

***See grading rubric for specific requirements and grading protocol

Approx. Timeline of Presentation (11 – 15 minutes.):
30 sec. Review of previous day’s chapters

2-3 min. Summary of your chapter (could be a short news program, skit, game

show, use of graphic organizers, etc.) Be CREATIVE!

3-4 min. Presentation of Researched Topic (see next page) Be ORIGINAL!

2-3 min. Discussion of your chapter using higher-level thinking questions about characters, motivations, literary devices, settings, theme(s), and the elements of the gothic novel. These questions must require analysis and cannot solicit one-word responses.

3-4 min. Presentation of appropriate music with explanation of how this relates to the novel/chapters/research topic (i.e. mood, character, time period, setting, theme)

30 sec. Conclusion/Wrap-up – Focus of today’s presentation (highlight what students should remember) –Summarize

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