Francophonie competition quiz

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  1. Brussels is the HQ of which organisation?

  2. What is “the French speaking world” in French?

  3. Why is Kourou in French Guyana important?

  4. When was Québec City founded and by whom?

  5. What is the largest French-speaking city in Switzerland?

  6. When did Ivory Coast become independent?

  7. How many islands in French Polynesia?

  8. Who discovered Guadeloupe?

  9. In 1682 de la Salle named Louisiana after which French king?

  10. What is the capital of New Caledonia?

  11. What cartoon character was created by the Belgian Hergé?

  12. In which ocean is Mauritius?

  13. What is the New Hebrides now known as?

  14. What is the second largest French-speaking city in the worlds?

  15. What French Empress was born in Martinique?

  16. On what island is the baobab found? (off Africa)

  17. What is the national dish of Algeria?

  18. In how many countries is French spoken?

  19. What language is used for administration in Luxembourg?

  20. Where did the French who settled in Louisiana come from?

  21. Which 3 cultures blend in Vanuatu?

  22. What territory in India was French until 1954?

  23. What 3 countries make up what used to be French Indochina?

  24. Where are the Seychelles?

  25. What part of Italy is officially French speaking as well as Italian?

  26. Which company makes Belgian chocolates in Christchurch?

  27. How many countries south of the Sahara in Africa are French?

  28. Louisiana French call themselves Cajun. Where does this come from?

  29. Where were the 1976 Olympic Games held?

  30. What very expensive china is manufactured in Luxembourg?

  31. What is another name for French speaking Belgians?

  32. What principality is ruled by the Grimaldi family?

  33. What is another name for the Melanesians of New Caledonia?

  34. How far is Tahiti from New Zealand?

  35. What volcano is found on Guadaloupe?

  36. What do Quebec people call “le week-end?

  37. What novel by Henri Charrière was set on Devil’s Island off French Guyana?

  38. What country insisted that French be an official UN language at the Bretton Woods Conference in 1945?

  39. How do you say 70 in Switzerland?

  40. Dakar is the capital of which country?

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