Four Corners: Which leader cared most about his country in 1940?

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Four Corners: Which leader cared most about his country in 1940?

Adolph Hitler

√ Promised to undo the unfair Treaty of Versailles of WWI.

√ Promised the German people that they would become the 3rd Reich (the next Roman empire).

√ Promised to resettle his crowded people on better land (Poland, Ukraine, Russia).

√ Promised that Germany would be rid of the Jews and other unproductive people to ensure a pure, Aryan race.

√ Remilitarized Germany to make it the most powerful country in Europe.

√ Industrialized Germany. Everyone had a job while the world suffered the Great Depression.

√ Took back the Rhineland and took Norway, the Netherlands, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Denmark, Belgium and France in less than a year with few casualties.

√ Made a pact with Italy and Japan and signed a non-aggressive pact with Russia to protect his country’s interests.

√ By 1940, Hitler’s Nazi Germany ruled the entire mainland of Western Europe.

Franklin Roosevelt

√ Kept his nation neutral as long as possible.

√ Demanded “cash and carry” on all weapons to Allies.

√ Prepared his county for possible war with “fireside chats”.

√ Warned citizens that Hitler must be stopped before he took over all Europeans colonies worldwide.

√ Aided Russia to defeat Hitler and Japan.

√Cut off sales of scrap metal to Japan to slow down their military.

√ Probably knew Japan was going to bomb Pearl Harbor so the US could get into the war before it was too late.

√Approved the go-ahead of the development of the atomic bomb before it was needed against Germany or Japan.

Joseph Stalin

√ Made his country the 3rd most industrialized in the world.

√ Killed 20 million “enemies of the state” to make communism work.

√ Made a non- aggression pact with Hitler to keep his country out of the war. Took over half of Poland, Latvia Lithuania, Estonia, and Finland to provide a buffer in case Germany invaded.

√ Made secret pact with Japan in case Hitler double-crossed him.

√ Killed 2000 of his top military officers to get rid of possible German agents in Russia.

√ Saved Russia by ordering his citizens to destroy all animals and food to starve the Nazis.

Emperor Hirohito

√ Made a pact with Hitler to support each other if either were attacked while trying to expand their influence and power.

√ Made secret non-aggression pact with Russia so the US would have to fight two enemies at once.

√ Took over Manchuria and Korea to get metal needed after the US cut off sales to Japan.

√ Considered his idea of the “Greater East Asia Co-Prospective” to be similar to the relationship European countries have. He also thought it would increase Asian prosperity and shut out Europe.

√ Considered bombing Pearl Harbor to push US out of Japan

H. Sellens, 2003 thanks to Chuck Lotta San Juan Unified School District

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